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The Most Disgusting Properties in the UK

When you think of the most disgusting home ever then you would be forgiven for believing that this would be the forte of university students. Those people who have been to university will accept that this is actually something of an undeniable truth.

A quick visit to a student property will present you with a variety of brands of beer cans and empty wine bottles. If you are lucky, you may even find a variety of discarded items of clothing strewn across the floor of the property, protecting your feet from the gunk that has made a home for itself deep within the depths of the carpet.

However, it seems that it isn’t only students who have a particular liking for filth and their reputation for squalor is actually undeserved. While students like to accumulate traffic cones and road signs, they cannot really be considered classic hoarders.


*Warning – if you are eating it is better if you put down your food *


sunny cumbrian street

This home may look tranquil and peaceful from the outside and you can just imagine yourself perched by the window enjoying the sun on your face. However, away from the sanctity of this Cumbrian street, there is certainly nothing tranquil behind the front door.



disgusting property UK

I am sure that you will agree that being presented with a variety of different Coca-Cola bottles , some filled with urine, and various newspaper clippings containing human excrement, isn’t really something that a lot of us would consider to be pleasant. How about if we take a wander through into the lounge?


another disgusting property uk

Once again there are a variety of newspapers that for you to browse your way through, if that is your thing of course, but I am not sure it would be the best idea. Maybe it would be more appropriate to find a peg for your nose.



Fancy a cuppa? I thought not and I don’t blame you! This would even be enough to put Gordon Ramsey off!


disgusting kitchen 2

I am sure he would have a few expletives to share with us though before running off to the beautiful Cumbrian hills for sanctuary.



disgusting lounge

You would need more than this depleted looking hot-water-bottle to keep you feeling safe at night. Shall we move onto the bathroom?



disgusting bathroom

At least it appears that your feet will be some-what protected by what appears to be a shower curtain in-front of the sink. It would probably safer to not wash your hands though.



disgusting bedroom

Sweet dreams are made of these – the only thing you would experience in this bedroom is undisturbed nightmares.


hole in floor in disgusting house

I’m not sure how well this will catch on but at least you will save yourself a bit of time as opposed to going down the stairs. Ok, maybe not.

If you are wondering what exactly happens to a property like this one then you may be surprised, and ever so slightly alarmed, that they actually get bought! If you are thinking who on earth would be mad enough to buy this property, then you obviously haven’t heard of National Homebuyers! We are not actually insane, we are simply a property purchasing company who buy any house. As you can see from these rather unpleasant photos, we really do buy any house, but I am sure that there is no need for us to persuade you after seeing these photos. Below is a collection of photos of this house after we went in there and cleared it.

If you are sitting there thinking to yourself: “I need to sell my house fast”, then why not get in touch with us? We have a team of dedicated property experts who can assist you in achieving a quick house sale that suits you.


renovated lounge

I would like to apologise for the quality of the photo but I am sure that you will agree it is something of an improvement.


renovated house hole in floor fixed

Sadly I think that the stairs proved to be more attractive option when this property was being renovated.

As you can see it is true that we buy any house so please do not be shy and request a call back from our delightful property team. Or, simply apply for your no obligation cash offer and sell your fast quickly and move on with your life. National Homebuyers can help you Sell House Fast.

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