The History of National Homebuyers


From humble beginnings, National Homebuyers has turned into one of the UK’s fastest-growing property companies, with a nationally recognised brand.

We started simply buying and selling properties, before developing a unique proposition that has attracted people from all geographical areas of the UK who were motivated to sell their houses quickly.

How we began

In our early days, we organised the fast purchase of properties that no one else wanted to buy. They were in a bad state of repair, fire damaged or in depressed areas, experiencing high levels of crime and areas where the housing market was static.

Most of the houses purchased went through a renovation process using environmentally friendly materials, transforming the properties back into beautiful inhabitable homes. This also included an urban rejuvenation project of an entire street in the north-west in 2002.

Our directors devised a consumer-facing brand which later became National Homebuyers. It quickly built up a solid reputation and a reassuring guarantee to people who needed to sell their house quickly or for cash.

Focused on fast house purchases

National Homebuyers grew to solve property problems for hundreds of people all over the UK by buying houses quickly. Once purchased, some properties were placed back on the open market with local agents, while some were sold to local investors.

However, in most cases, properties were repaired and re-marketed – enhancing the neighbourhoods and the daily lives of those who live in the areas where they are located. Often these houses were discounted and sold to first-time buyers.

By 2001, the company was buying and selling large numbers properties annually. The board decided to open this concept to everybody in the UK and developed the consumer-facing brand that everyone knows and trusts today.

True to our roots

Still purchasing high volumes of unsaleable and dilapidated properties for cash each week, National Homebuyers now guarantees to purchase any property, in any condition and any location.

National Homebuyers also assists estate agents, house builders and property professionals throughout the country through their Approved Partner Network by working with estate agents to repair broken chains, offer part-exchange deals or assist when a client needs to sell quickly, regardless of the reason.

The success of the company has been built on a strong foundation of helping people and solving people’s problems. Every call and every customer will receive a personal service, tailored to meet their requirements.

Now the UK’s leading consumer-facing fast purchasing company, with the advertising message We Will Buy Your Home – and advertisements featuring Homebuyer Man that have been seen by millions – National Homebuyers continues to resolve property problems throughout the UK.