Our mission statement


As one of the UK’s first and market-leading house buying company, National Homebuyers is keen to set the standard for the industry. We’ve therefore developed a mission statement that reflects our commitment to open, honest, efficient customer service.

Integrity and respect

At National Homebuyers, we pride ourselves on both the quality and transparency of our service. We have a well-trained, friendly and polite team in place to ensure that our customers know exactly what we’re doing when we’re doing it and how much it is going to cost. We provide a completely personalised, no-obligation valuation for your property that, once completed, will be posted to you as a part of a valuation report that also includes our offer; as well as an accurate open market value for your property.

We understand that our service may not be the best solution for everyone. Our offers will be lower than the market value and if an agreement cannot be found, we will not continue to contact you in an attempt to change your mind. Although there are some cases where there is room for our offers to be negotiated, we only want to purchase properties if there will be a mutual benefit.

Performance and diligence

Our professional staff work hard to ensure that the process is quick, easy and flexible. Once a valuation request has been made, we ensure that thorough research is conducted on each individual property before confirming an offer amount, which can be provided in as little as five working days.

Upon acceptance, we leave the settlement completion date completely up to our customers, so you can choose a moving-out date that best suits you.

We spend a substantial amount of time ensuring that no stone is left unturned. We take into account all factors affecting your property’s value so that all of its merits are considered and, by extension, the fairest and most realistic offer can be established.


All information you provide to National Homebuyers is handled with absolute confidentiality and in accordance with data protection legislation. We will keep all details of your property, your personal circumstances and any other information you wish to share with us within our organisation. We will never pass any of your details on to any other organisation without your explicit permission. No third parties will ever contact you as a result of your contact with us.