How much is my property worth?

Whether you’re looking to sell your home, remortgaging, taking out insurance, staying on top of the housing market or just curious, you’ve probably asked yourself “How much is my property worth?”

The good news is that it’s quick and easy to get an accurate estimated value for your home or other buildings with just a postcode, plus you can see how that amount has changed over time, to help you see whether your investment is growing or depreciating. Why not take a look at our property value calculator above right now?

It’s a great way to check the current value of your property, helping you to choose the right time to buy or sell. Staying on top of housing market trends, and understanding where to invest to secure a better asking price will also mean you get the best returns if you decide to go ahead and sell.

Even if you’re going ahead with a valuation report by a chartered surveyor, or using other ways to predict the market price for your property, it only takes a few seconds to get a value from our property calculator to help avoid any surprises.


Our Property Value Calculator

The quickest and easiest way to check how much your property is worth is by using our calculator above. Using Land Registry data and our own prediction algorithm, you’ll quickly get a guide to what your home is worth.

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, it’s easy to then receive an offer based on the estimated market value and if you choose to go ahead, the money could be in your bank account within seven days.

Buying and selling properties since 2004, we specialise in understanding the value of UK homes, allowing for a fast, efficient and hassle-free process. 


Track local and national housing market trends

There are many ways to keep track of both local and national trends in the housing market, from property websites (e.g. Zoopla), to building societies (e.g. Nationwide). If you have the time to read through the data and analysis, it could help you to spot the signs of a property boom or the start of a slump.

Be sure to check for differences between national housing trends and your local area, down to street level. London property prices famously rise and fall due to different factors more than the rest of the UK, and different parts of your local area will vary due to desirability, new investment or changes to school catchment areas, for example.

Watching trends can be fun, especially if you enjoy building your fantasy property portfolio. But it’s important to remember unexpected events can radically change house prices, with Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic both providing recent examples.


Check sold house prices

Many websites will let you view public information on recent sales in your road or area. Data is normally made available around three months after completion, with prices and property type.

In most cases, this is all the information provided. You won’t know whether the property was immaculate or derelict, or what the initial asking price may have been. With so many factors potentially affecting the value of a property, it’s not easy to establish if your own house or flat will achieve a similar amount.


Look at other useful online data 

There are a whole range of factors which can impact house prices, and fortunately many of them can be checked quickly and easily online. These include:

All of these sources and more will not only give you useful information about potential house price factors, but can also provide you with useful details to include in your property listings.

If you live in an area popular with commuters, travel and commuting times will help to attract potential buyers to your listing. Fast broadband is also a growing incentive for remote and home workers.

A family home will benefit greatly from nearby nurseries and schools, particularly if they’re ranked highly on Ofsted league tables.


Save money by checking how much your property is worth

Investing a little time with a few quick checks can be financially rewarding. Our property value calculator can give you a figure which lets you decide whether to spend time and money on professional valuations, listing and selling your home, or opting for a quicker and simple sale through our home buying service.

Even the cheapest and most basic Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Condition Report will cost you around £250, with prices rising for more detailed valuations and surveys.  Which means a few minutes online could save you hundreds of pounds if the guide price is a long way from what you want or need for your home, or you discover issues such as potential flooding could prevent a sale in the near future. 


If you are interested in selling your house for cash why not apply online now! You can also request a call back or call us on 08000 443 911 and one of our friendly customer service team will guide you through our quick house sale process and provide you with a fast cast offer – guaranteed.