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"So, what can I say? National Home Buyers….were fantastic, yes, they made a good chunk of money on my house but you know what? They dug me out of a hole where I had given up hope of anything good happening. From start to finish they were very helpful, I must say though that Laura […]"

Mrs M, Devon

"I had been caring for my Mother for a number of years and the thought of selling my property using an Estate Agent was a hassle that I did not feel able to cope with."

Mrs J, Lydney, Gloucestershire

Clean Your Way To A Quick House Sale

The beautiful weather much of the country has been experiencing lately has meant that many of Britain’s home owners have taken the opportunity to improve their homes. You would probably be surprised how much of a difference even small home improvements can help when you’re looking to sell your house fast.

If you are trying to sell property and do not want to undertake a full-scale property renovation, even the smallest DIY tasks can improve your chances of getting a quick house sale . You may not necessarily add value, but you can dramatically reduce the time it will take to sell your house by cleaning and brightening up your property. It will also help you to achieve offers much closer to your asking price.

Here are our top tips to help you sell your house fast:

    1. Boost kerb appeal – make your property really stand out by keeping your front garden tidy and your doors and windows clean. If you are up to the task of repainting any external woodwork or external walls, this will also attract buyers. A property which looks like it needs work on the outside may deter potential buyers from even stepping inside.
    1. Clean the Carpets – it’s amazing what a difference a carpet clean make when selling property. It will eliminate any musty smells and improve the overall look of the property. Buyers can be put off by the idea that they would need to replace the carpets, so hiring a carpet cleaner for a day can give your carpets a new lease of life. In a recent survey, off-putting odours were found to be the number deterrent to achieving homeowners quick sale on property.
    2. Neutralise the décor – Repainting your property in a neutral colour palette will make the property look cleaner and it will be easier for potential home buyers to visualise what they can do with the property. You can deter potential house buyers if your property is too personal to your own tastes, as they will feel that there will be a lot of work involved in making their own mark on the property.
    3. Less is more – De-clutter your living spaces, even if this means putting some of your belongings into short-term storage, as this will allow viewers to see the potential of the property. They are not going to be buying your knick knacks and your furniture, so having too many of these in your property will just detract from the true potential of your property.
    4. Maximise Light – Potential house buyers are often concerned with natural light; if your property doesn’t have a lot of natural light then there are some tricks you can use to fake it. Swapping dim light bulbs for a higher wattage, replacing dark curtains with light ones, painting darker rooms in a lighter colour and hanging mirrors can all help your property look and feel lighter.
  1. Don’t forget the garden! – An untidy garden will deter buyers, very few people are looking to purchase a property with a high-maintenance garden; keep it in tip top condition so potential home buyers don’t feel overwhelmed.
  2. Make sure your kitchen cooks! – The kitchen is the heart of the home and people who are looking to buy your house will often make a beeline for it when they come to view your property. Make sure you give all worktops and appliances a good scrub before people come to view your house. If you have the cash spare, replace appliances so they match and fix any broken draws or cupboards. Having to explain how the third draw down doesn’t stick when you really yank it is unlikely to help you achieve a quick house sale.
  3. Beef up your bathroom! – Besides the kitchen, ensuring your bathroom is up to date and clean is one of the most important improvements home owners can make when selling houses. Again, even small additions and improvements, like replacing your toilet seat or shower curtains, regrouting or ensuring all your towels match, can all make a massive difference. And make sure you give it a good clean, rings round the bath are not a good look.

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