Alternative to Online Estate Agents

Increasing property prices are forcing homeowners to now sell their houses through cheaper online estate agents. Traditional high street estate agents charge sellers a percentage of the sale price of their property which means that the higher the value of your house is the higher your fee to sell with them is. And as property prices have increased, so, inevitably, have the costs of using a traditional estate agent.

However even though the current online estate agents like Emoov, HouseSimple, Purplebricks and Tepilo offer cheaper selling costs, many property owners are finding that their home just isn’t selling as fast as they would like it too.

An alternative to online estate agents

The property market in the UK is an inflexible and delicate chain that is very easily broken and it never seems to go anywhere when you need it to. Most homeowners want to sell their property fast at the highest price and in the shortest time-scale. But the reality is slightly different even by using the array of new online estate agents these days are simply not flying homes out the door at the speed people need them too. The notion of being able to sell your house fast in a matter of months with these new online estate agents is sadly one that seldom occurs.

In sequences where online estate agents are not selling your homes as quickly as needed then property owners can turn to National Homebuyers who guarantee to buy any house or property within 30 days with our fast house sale process. As a fast alternative to selling your house with an online estate agent we buy any house within the UK regardless of its condition within 30 days.

Benefits of selling your house quick for cash

There are many benefits of using a property buyer to achieve a quick house sale instead of using online estate agents.

Our online estate agency solution

National Homebuyers have designed our house buying service to be as fast and hassle-free as possible, so property owners no longer have to wait around hoping that their current online estate agent will step up their game and sell their house. Our quick cash offer also means you don’t have to worry about strangers nosing through your home either like you would with having your home sold by online estate agents so its a win-win situation.

National Homebuyers can get the sale of a home sorted quickly for cash, hassle and worry free so property sellers can sell their property faster than they can with an online estate agent. So if your home isn’t selling as quickly as you had hoped with your online estate agent and you are not getting the level of interest in your property you need to help sell your home, then why not consider our fast cash offer. As a fast house sale company we offer property sellers a faster sale than they can get by using online estate agents.

A faster opinion then using online estate agents

Here at National Homebuyers, we guarantee to buy your house or property for cash so you can achieve a quick move now without having to wait around for your online estate agent to try to sell it.

Our quick house sale for cash solution involves a totally transparent transaction between us and yourself which ensures a speedy turnaround time and allows you to make a quick move now. We buy any house or property for cash quickly and efficiently so you can sell your house as fast as you need rather than waiting for interest from your online estate agent.

There are several reasons why you may need an alternative to an online estate agent and have to sell your property right away. You may be looking to relocate, selling an inherited property or you may have found yourself in financial difficulties and facing imminent repossession.

A quick alternative to online estate agents you can trust


National Homebuyers have been helping to solve the UK’s property problems for over 15 years and have always been a faster alternative to online estate agents. We take immense pride in our works a fast alternative to online estate agents. If you wish, you can browse the latest sell house fast reviews of National Homebuyers and see just how many happy and satisfied people we have helped to sell their house fast without the need for online estate agents.

So, if your property isn’t currently selling with your online estate agent and you need to sell your house fast then get in touch with us today, to get your no-obligation cash offer then please fill in your details on the right-hand side of the is page.