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What To Consider When Moving House Due to Ill Health

People decide to move house for a number of different reasons. Unfortunately, a common motivation that affects many people is moving house due to ill health, whether it is because your illness means you can no longer work, or the property just does not suit your needs. There are several reasons why ill-health may mean you need to sell your property:

  • Unable to keep up with a mortgage; you may not be able to keep up your mortgage payments if you have had to take a break from work, or completely stop working altogether. Releasing the equity in your property can ease the financial strain and reduce the unnecessary stress that owning a property can bring.
  • Health Expenses; the costs of paying for private medical treatments can really stack up, especially if your health problems are prolonged. Many people choose to release the cash locked up in their property to use the funds to pay for health care and generally improve their quality of life.
  • Mobility problems; if your mobility is impaired living in a house with stairs may no longer be a viable option. Ill health may mean selling your property and buying a smaller property, or even moving into rented accommodation, is a better option for the future.

It is important not to rush into any decisions, particularly where your health is concerned, but if you do decide that moving house is the right thing for you, here are some points to consider:

  • Make sure you do consider your future needs, particularly if your illness is likely to worsen over time. Moving house is a very expensive and stressful process and you do not want to be in the same position of needing to move in a few years because your property no longer meets your needs.
  • Selling your property on the open market can take a long time and it may not always be convenient to have people traipsing through your home to view it, this additional stress could even cause your health to deteriorate further. Consider using a fast purchase property company, like National Homebuyers, who can buy the property from you, without any chains or constant viewings.
  • Using a removal service will make the transition much easier and take away the strain of moving.

No-one wants to feel forced to move out of their home, but it is important to remember that a home is what you make it. It may not feel like it now, but your new property will soon feel like home and staying in a property that does not suit your needs is likely to eventually lead to resentment. Your quality of life is the most important thing and if selling your property can improve this, then is it definitely worth considering moving house.

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