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Bomb Proof London Fort on River Thames on Sale for £500,000

London FortIn November this year an offer for a very unique building with an unforgettable address in London fell through. Now available to buy again No.1, The Thames (yes this is its real address) has come back onto the open market for £500,000. This property is a bomb proof fort situated in the Thames Estuary which is currently derelict but could be transformed into a seven-bedroom mansion.

London Fort 2The property’s location in Sheerness is within a 50 minute commute to central London. However that is if you own a speedboat because when the tide is high the property is surrounded by water. Only at low tide can you exit the property on foot wearily across a half mile muddy causeway.

The Fort is being sold by Simon Cooper, a London based builder at a price tag which is less than some one-bedroom flats in London. This unique building built in 1855 which has one of the finest addresses in London is being sold by River Homes who say on their website.
London Fort 6

“The bomb-proof 150 year-old estuary gun emplacement is a kilometre off the Isle of Grain shore at the strategically important point where the Thames meets the Medway. The original tower is similar in design to the Martello towers which were first constructed as a defence against Napoleon in the early 19th Century. The property is of course in need of complete renovation (STPP) and includes land which runs from shore to and beyond the building as well as a good sized plot on land as well as deep water moorings.”

This property was featured in a BBC report when Gareth Furby took a tour of the Fort with estate agent Nigel Day – the report can be seen below:

We believe this Fort belongs more in the post apocalyptic movie Waterworld than it does in modern day London. So what could you do with such a unique building if you have a spare £½ million to buy it with. Yes you could turn it into an awesome seven bedroom house, but where’s the fun in that! Better to turn it into an exclusive night club only accessible by speedboat.

London Fort 5Or maybe your more ambitious and you want to start your own island society complete with micro economy or better still become you very own James Bond villain and turn it into your evil lure where you can conspire villainous plans. OK OK my imagination is running away with me now but the possibilities for this Fort are endless if you have the right amount of money and lets be honest who doesn’t want the best address in London.

This derelict property went on the market originally in October 2014 which means that it has been more then a year without a buyer so the longer it sits on the market the more money it is costing the current owner Simon Cooper. But there are options available for people in Mr Cooper’s position who have unique properties they are struggling to sell and that is to contact a UK cash property buyer like National Homebuyers who will buy the building outright for cash.

If you have had an offer fall through on your property or you have a property that has been on the market for a long time and you need to sell it fast then give National Homebuyers a ring on 08000 443 911 and we will buy your property regardless of its condition or location from you for cash in as little as 7 days.

If you would like to arrange a viewing of No.1, The Thames then click here – Arrange Viewing

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