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Is This is the Most Bizarre Decorating Ever?

It is often claimed that different colours have varying psychological effects on an individual; some colours have been associated with increased happiness, heightened blood pressure and a feeling of calmness and serenity.

It is believed that colours on the blue side of the colour spectrum are often identified as being cool colours; these are seen as offering feelings of calmness, but they also initiate feelings of sadness, loneliness and indifference.

On the other hand, colours associated with the red area of the colour spectrum, including red, orange and yellow are traditionally associated with evoking a mixture of emotions. These emotions can range from feelings of warmth and comfort through to anger and hostility.

With this in mind the choice of colour you choose for your property can say a lot about you and even influence your mood. Many people choose to go with lighter colours in order to lift their spirits and keep them calm when they are feeling stressed.

There are many who claim the reason as to why EasyJet have orange in their colour scheme is to promote calmness during their flights. This must have been what this individual had in mind when they were doing some DIY.


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Stairway to Heaven: Imagine descending this staircase each morning, the brightest seems like it would remove your need for your first coffee of the morning. Or perhaps it is supposed to be a reflection of one’s mood in the morning; bouncing between feelings of calmness and optimism, ready for the day and the burning inner rage of having to get out of bed. Oh well, shall we move on to the kitchen and see what artistry awaits us


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Mamma Mia! This person can’t enjoy cooking too much, can they? The dark red paint surrounding the oven possibly conveys their anger towards the art of cooking. Or maybe the kitchen is supposed to look like a pizza? Who knows?!


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As we enter the lounge, any feelings of calmness brought on by the EasyJet orange decorating quickly evaporate and a storm of horror rains down on us. Any hope of getting a peaceful night’s sleep would be cut short by the ‘interesting’ artwork decorated all over the wall.


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As we move across the room we are confronted by piles of cushions, my instinct tells me that these are there simply to cover one’s face to escape the horror-show that decorates the wall. I’m not sure what is going on in the corner, vomit green by any chance?


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I am beginning to become lost for words here. Maybe the painted sofa was their attempt to get a peaceful night’s sleep whilst having a self-portrait glaring at them. I’m sure that you aren’t surprised, but in their desperateness to escape the horror, they have tried to find God.


National homebuyersNeed the toilet? No I thought not, let’s get out of here!


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