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How to Sell my Home Quickly & for the Highest Possible Price?

Those who wish to sell their homes, wish to make a profit. While many will try to pretend that they are flexible, in truth it is very hard for somebody who has worked for many years in order to buy a property to let it go without making every effort to achieve the highest sale price possible – and who can blame them?

In today’s economic climate where the gulf between wage levels and property prices grows ever wider, it has become normal for those in their thirties to feel as if they will never own a home, the ability to become an actual homeowner has fast become a societal distinction that stands them in much better stead that those who haven’t. It is clear, therefore, to understand why those who are selling wish to maintain the advantage they have gained during a sale. But how to sell my home quickly & for the highest possible price?

How do you sell your home quickly?

Selling a home is all about making the right choices early on, with an added sprinkle of luck. While this may seem like there is very little information go on, so it’s a always a good idea to discuss the matter with those who have already been through the process before.

The strength of the property market is tied directly to consumer confidence2, so if no one is looking, the likelihood is that it will take you longer to sell. Unfortunately, potential buyers tend to get quite concerned if they see a home that has been available for a long period of time, making them wonder if there are structural issues, or hidden problems that have been uncovered by those who have already attended viewings1. For sellers with such houses, the only way to tackle this is to lower the asking price and relist the property.

There are, luckily, certain things that you can do if you need to sell your house fast.

If you were searching for a new home, which aspects would get the most attention from you? No matter whether it exhibits clean, unobstructed windows or a clear driveway free from weeds, the first view a potential buyer sees is most likely to be the one that he/she remembers the best2, and often causes them to make a snap judgement then and there. Buyers need to know that the property they’re about to invest in has been treated with respect during its prior ownership3.

While there are certain estate agents who will compete for your business by claiming that they can get secure a higher sale price for your property than their competitors – it is important to note that if your home is overpriced, the chances of it remaining on the market for longer is increased1. It is also important to note that if the asking price ends up being lowered to encourage buyers, potential buyers are more likely to be weary of the possible reasons why3.

Those who decide to put their homes on the market during both spring and autumn have a higher chance of selling faster than those who do so during summer and winter5. This is because many buyers are parents and so summer is a busy time with children running around all day and dealing with a house purchase would just be too much stress3. During winter, the shorter days often make a house viewing less inspiring – and with Christmas just around the corner, money tends to be tighter. On the contrary, during spring and autumn the days are longer, kids tend to be back at school, and so buyers are more likely to be looking to buy.

Another great way to encourage a fast sale is by listing nearby local services and amenities within your house’s listing1. This can save a potential owner from wasting time and doing the research themselves. Merely the presence of a local shop within walking distance of your home can be a motivator for someone looking to buy3.

And remember, even if you haven’t found a buyer yet, you can still start the conveyancing process early. Getting a solicitor to draft a contract of sale, prepare the title deeds and organise planning consent and any relevant certificates can lead to a sale in a much shorter timeframe than usual1.

How do you sell your home for the highest price possible?

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And in the case of house sale, the beholder is the individual willing to part with their money. So how do you ensure that you get the highest price possible?

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And in the case of house sale, the beholder is the individual willing to part with their money. So how do you ensure that you get the highest price possible?

In urban areas, carbon build-up from passing traffic can make a home look dirty and undesirable4. So why not hire a pressure washer and remove the unpleasant pollution so your external walls look brand new?

Other areas that are simple to tidy up include and front yards and gardens. Adding weed-killer to pathways and flower beds while also re-gravelling your driveway and re-seeding your lawn can easily show that the house itself is well cared for, adding another reason for to pay that little bit extra3.

Inside the home, there can often be a number of issues that need attention such as damage to walls and doors1 – most of which can easily be fixed with filler – but what about the less apparent issues?

Vendors will often choose to replace flooring in while looking for a sale, but it is worth noting that different buyers have different preferences and so will replace the floor themselves at some point5. So why not save yourself time and money and hire a carpet cleaning machine3 which can remove years of filth and staining?

Regardless of your preferred colour and style, a buyer needs to be able to see the potential in your home2, so make sure that also walls are painted in neutral colours such as cream, white, or lavender3. While a paint job may take up quite a bit of your free time, the increased earnings from the property will make it all worthwhile by the time you complete.

Are you interested in selling your house for cash? Why not ask National Homebuyers for advice, as we buy any house. Call 08000 443 911 or request a call back to find out how much you could get for your property before it’s too late.


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