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Selling a House With Problem Neighbours: How to Sell Despite Your Problem Neighbours

How Neighbours From Hell Can Affect Your Property Value

It is an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes we find ourselves living near to people who we find to be particularly unpleasant. Whether they live next door, above or below you; selling a house with problem neighbours can make your life a misery. This can be in the form of constant excessive noise that stops you from sleeping or enjoying the peace and quiet of your own home. Or perhaps it is a lot more anti-social and consists of piles of rubbish or general anti-social behaviour with the intention of disturbing and intimidating you.


Sometimes the problems can become so intrusive and disturbing that you simply decide that enough is enough and want to move home. Sadly this can often lead to more heartache due to the fact that the requirement to disclose problems with noisy neighbours is beginning to be enforced more strongly, even for minor disputes or annoyances. This includes problem neighbours who have a preference for throwing the occasional noisy party.

There is one unfortunate fact that problem neighbours can cause; those rows over the garden fence or outside in the street could actually have a significant impact on the value of your home and even worse, ensure that no one wants to go near it when they discover the recent problems you have encountered.

Talking To Your Neighbours From Hell Can Help

If you are intent on trying to solve the problem then there are various options available to you. The first is simple, if you talk directly with the neighbour who is disturbing you then you will be surprised to find out that often this solves a lot of the problems directly. A lot of the time people are unaware that they are annoying or disturbing you and a quick chat will often solve it. It is probably better to do this in a public place, like over the garden fence or out in the street rather than awkwardly knocking on their front door. If you feel that your neighbour may not be open to seeking a peaceful resolution, or that they could potentially greet your friendly request with violence, then you should get in touch with your local council’s anti-social behavioural team or with your local police who will offer you further advice.


If you are unsure as to what constitutes anti-social behaviour then this can include, but is not limited to: littering or dumping rubbish, misuse of fireworks, shouting or excessive noise in public places, using rude, abusive or insulting language, threatening or bullying, uncontrolled and/or dangerous dogs and excessively drinking alcohol and the buying and selling of illegal substances in the street. It is usually recommended that rather than trying to tackle this behaviour yourself you consult someone from the anti-social behavioural team at your local council. It is not worth putting yourself at risk of getting caught up in violence. Usually these are problem neighbours who have never been challenged before and they have not been confronted by the appropriate authorities.

Guaranteed Quick House Sale Despite Your Neighbours

homebuyer man with guaranteeAs we have already mentioned, when you wish to sell your property and you have experienced problems with nuisance neighbours, you are required to disclose any disagreements, no matter how small they are. Therefore many homeowners often discover that they experience great difficulty when trying to sell their homes due to this disclosure and their homes end up sitting on the market for months, and more often than not, years. This can in turn lead to further problems with your neighbour’s behaviour as they attempt to goad you as they become aware that their behaviour is a source of irritation to you. This can quickly turn your life into a misery and you end up not being able to sell your property.

If you are wondering what the answer is then you may be surprised to discover that there are companies out there who will literally buy any home. National Homebuyers literally buy any house in the UK. It isn’t an issue if your property is falling down or if your neighbour is slinging sacks of rubbish into your garden all day and night, we will offer you a quick cash transaction to buy your property. We fully understand that when you are suffering from the constant headache of nuisance neighbours all you want to do is sell your property fast; we offer you a stress-free and hassle-free cash transaction and we will complete the purchase as quickly as possible, or if you require, to a timescale that works for you. If you are looking for a we guarantee to buy any home service then get in contact with National Homebuyers.

If you would like to see how National Homebuyers can assist in selling your house fast, then why not apply now for a no obligation cash offer and take the hassle and uncertainty out of selling your property.

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