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How Long Will It Take To Sell Your Home?

One of the most common questions someone selling their home asks an estate agent is “how long will it take to sell my home?”

This type of question is an extremely hard one to answer in a market so full of variables. There are properties out there that sell within a few weeks and there are ones that sit on the market for years. In truth, there is sometimes no logical reason for the length of time it takes to sell a house. It could be a matter of sheer luck. A person could be just selling the right place at the right time.


According to figures released by Hometrack, a residential property market specialist, the average length of time it takes to sell a house nationwide is 6 weeks. However looking at these figures provided below, this national average time to sell a house hides the wide regional difference that exists throughout the UK.

For example homes in greater London and the South East actually sell a lot quicker averaging around only 4 weeks to sell. Compared to the North West where its can take on average of 10 weeks to sell a house.

Region How long it will take to sell
East Anglia 5 weeks
East Midlands 7 weeks
Greater London 4 weeks
North East 10 weeks
North West 8 weeks
South East 4 weeks
South West 6 weeks
Wales 5 weeks
West Midlands 8 weeks
Yorks & Humberside 9 weeks
National 6 weeks

*Source: Hometrack.com

What Makes a House Sell Quickly?

It’s absolutely impossible to say realistically how long it will take to sell your home, however the figures reported by Hometrack can provide a rough idea as to long it will take to sell your house. However you need to keep in mind these figures are  merely an estimation. There are a few factors that will potentially influence how long it takes to sell a house which are:


Pricing your property at the right value is absolutely crucial if you are looking to sell your house within a reasonable time frame. It’s simple logic that will suggest that an overpriced home will take longer to sell. Any home will sell more quickly if the price is low enough, and it will sit on the market if it is too high. So a smart strategy to help you sell your house faster is to price the property a little bit under market value. Lower priced homes tend to sell faster than higher priced ones simply because there are more buyers who fall within that lower price range.


Another big influence on how quickly a property will sell is its location which is one aspect of your home you don’t have control over. As we can see from the Hometrack figures different geographical areas seem to have different levels of attractiveness and demand. It is obvious that a property located in a highly desirable neighbourhood near excellent schools will sell faster than one that is a located within a high crime rate area or next to an environmental waste site.


The condition your home is in is also a major contributing factor to the time it will take to sell. Homes that are well decorated, uncluttered and sparkling clean will tend to sell faster because they will be more appealing to buyers. Property buyers need to imagine how they will live in the property they are considering to buy.

If a house has dramatic, personalised decorating, is a complete mess or the property buyer cannot see the actual house rooms due to clutter, they are less likely to buy. When choosing to buy a house a homebuyer will examine the property’s structural and internal condition. If there is major damage or deterioration to any elements of a house such as walls, ceilings, doors and carpets then the house will be less likely to sell than one in good condition.

Do you need a Quick Sale of your Home?

How Long Will It Take To Sell Your HomeIf you need a quicker house sale then you should consider taking the advice we have given above. If you have a house or property anywhere in the UK that isn’t selling as quickly as you would want it to then why not contact National Homebuyers who will be able to help you sell your house fast for cash within 30 days.

We will buy any house, in any condition within the UK in a time-scale that best suits you – from as little as 7 days to as long as is needed. Unlike other sell house fast companies, we use our own funds and don’t rely on mortgages or investors, meaning we can help you sell your house fast stress free with no fear of any property chain breaking.

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