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West Sussex

West Sussex is a county in the South East of England which, when combined with its neighbour East Sussex, has a population of 1,609,500. West Sussex also shares its emblematic flag, six martins on a field of azure blue, with East Sussex. The six martins are thought to represent the old county of Sussex’s traditional rapes, or districts.

West Sussex House Prices

It is difficult enough to generalise in terms of house prices when dealing with a large city. It becomes even more difficult to adequately descry house price trends when dealing with counties, which have several distinct areas and wide variation across regions.

However, having said that, house prices across West Sussex have generally gone up by around 4% over the past year. House prices in the county are also around 6% higher than they were in 2010 and are now broadly similar to the peak levels house prices reached in 2007, before the global financial crisis and the subsequent housing market crash.

House prices in West Sussex are less expensive than the nearby county of Surrey but more expensive than Hampshire and also the county it borders and with which it shares its name, East Sussex. West Chiltington is the most expensive area for house buyers in West Sussex, while West Worthing has the lowest house prices in the county.

West Sussex has featured prominently as part of the London and South East property hotbed that has led to many housing market experts pointing to the emergence of a housing bubble. West Sussex’s proximity to London has led to the area being popular for people commuting into London from the area and the county has also developed as part of the ‘London Satellite Zone’ phenomenon, which has led to property prices in areas around the capital rising rapidly. Brighton & Hove in particular has witnessed some of the highest rates of house price inflation anywhere in the country over recent months. However the most recent data points to a cooling of the West Sussex housing market, again in accordance with London and the rest of the South East. Many factors, including tougher rhetoric and stricter borrowing rules emerging from the Bank of England recently and fears over the consequences of an increasingly imminent rise in the base rate of interest, have led to the development of a widespread belief that house price growth will continue to slow over the coming months. This will assuage the fears of many economists and housing market experts who feared that the London and South East property bubble would have to burst sooner rather than later and that the repercussions would be disastrous.

West Sussex Culture & Attractions

For hundreds of years West Sussex, along with its namesake county to the West, has held a reputation for a certain level of separatism and culture distinction in comparison to the rest of the country. Residents of Sussex also have a centuries old reputation for independence of thought and for not being easily pushed around, a sentiment which is crystallised in Sussex’s dialectical motto: We Will Not Be Druv.

Known for its mixture of idyllic countryside and seaside resorts, West Sussex has a firmly established tourist industry. Settlements such as Brighton, Worthing and Littlehampton have been known as seaside retreats since a social movement that expounded the values of sea-bathing arose in Georgian times and expanded during the Victorian era.

Chichester is the only city completely located in West Sussex. The only other city in Sussex, Brighton and Hove lies partially in West Sussex and partially in East Sussex. Founded by the Normans after their conquest of England, Chichester Cathedral is a must see for any architecture buffs visiting West Sussex and the annual Chichester Festival is nationally, if not internationally renowned.

Fishbourne is the location of the largest known Roman Villa north of the Alps and also contains the largest collection of mosaics in the UK. The villa has been restored to what it is believed to have originally looked like.

Most of the famous Seven Good Things of Sussex originate from West Sussex. The Seven Good Things are the Selsey cockle, the Chichester lobster, the Rye herring, the Arundel mullet, the Amberley trout and the Bourne wheatear.

West Sussex History & Tradition

Boxgrove Man, otherwise known as Homo heidenbergsis, is one of the oldest hominids to have been found in Europe. Boxgrove Man was discovered at Eartham Pit in Boxgrove and is believed to be over 500,000 years old. Worthing was also the site of a large and important Neolithic flint mine.

A certain amount of consensus of historical opinion has recently converged on the idea that the Fishbourne and Chichester area was the actual site of the Roman invasion under Claudius in the mid-1st century, rather than Richborough in Kent, as was previously thought.

The word Sussex derives relatively literally from the Olde English for South Saxons, in the same way as Essex is named after the East Saxons. According to legend the ancient Kingdom of Sussex was founded in 477 by the legendary Saxon king Aella. The Chichester and Selsey area was the political centre of the kingdom of Sussex. Aella was the first Bretwalda (overlord) of Southern Briton and he was famously defeated by King Arthur’s forces at Mount Badon. Following the death of the last independent king of Sussex, Ealdwulf, the county was eventually absorbed into the kingdom of Wessex in 825.

The shrine of St Richard, the patron saint of Sussex, was located in Chichester Cathedral until Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries and served as an importance site of pilgrimage during the Middle Ages.

Due to its location on the south coast, West Sussex formed much of the frontline during The Hundred Years War and the Cinque Ports were created in this time in order to help divide the country. Again due to its proximity to the English Channel, and thus to Continental Europe, West Sussex, and particularly its airfields, also played a significant role during the Battle of Britain. The county also served a major planning and launching point for the D-Day landings that so famously turned the tide of the Second World War.

The historic county of Sussex was divided into the two distinct counties of East and West Sussex as a consequence of the Local Government Act 1972.

National Homebuyers West Sussex

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