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Divided in two by the predominantly chalk ridge of the North Downs, which is itself punctured by the Wey and the Mole Rivers, Surrey is a county in the South East of England with a population of 1,135,000 and is also one of the Home Counties.

Surrey House Prices

Certain areas of Surrey have some of the highest house prices in the UK outside Central London. Areas like Egham and Oxshott, the latter of which has the highest house prices in the county, are famous as being the home of high earning commuters into London and even rich and famous celebrities. Much of the county has been recognised as something of a dormitory of London since the arrival of the railways.

However, when referring to an area the size of Surrey, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to produce a truly accurate picture of the entire housing market that encompasses and represents each and every region within that area. That is why average house prices in Stanwell are so far removed from the million pound plus values in other areas already mentioned. Certain areas have even witnessed house prices depreciate over the past year even though, in general, house prices in Surrey have gone up by 5% over the past twelve months. Again this is only a generalisation, but average house prices in Surrey are more expensive than all the counties it borders, except London.

Surrey Culture, Attractions & Things to Do

Though it has a few ancients hillforts and some Anglo-Saxon churches, most of Surrey’s remaining architecture of historical interest is from Tudor and Georgian times, when the well to do began constructing grand homes in the county in order to provide country retreats close to London. Some of the most notable of these are Loseley Park and Clarendon Park. Also, Guildford Cathedral is one of the finest examples of a post war brick built cathedral in the country.

Surrey Howe is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and there are 80 Wildlife Trust nature reserves in the county.

Brooklands Museum recognises the importance of Surrey’s motoring past and both the Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures theme parks are among the UK’s largest and most highly visited tourist attractions.

Surrey Tradition & History

Surrey derives its name from the Anglo-Saxon word Suthrice, which means southern region. The county was conquered and settled by the Saxons in the 6th century and was warred over Kent, Wessex, Sussex, Essex and Mercia until it was finally absorbed by Wessex in 825.

Edward the Elder, son of Alfred the Great, defeated the Danes at the Battle of Farnham and both Aethelstan and Aethelred the Unready were both crowned at Kingston, which is still the administrative centre of Surrey even though it now lies within Greater London.

The Normans defeated an English force at Southwark in the early stages of their invasion and the Earldom of Surrey was granted to William de Warenne by William II in 1088. When the Warenne male line became extinct the earldom fell to the Fitzalan Earls of Arundel. After the Fitzalan dynasty also became extinct in 1415, the title was inherited by the Howard family that produced Henry VIII’s ill fated 5th wife. The Howards have held the Earldom ever since. The fact that none of these families had their principal interests in Surrey, combined with its relatively bad soil and the fact that it was constantly overshadowed by its close neighbour London meant that the county was relatively unimportant during the Middle Ages. The most notable exception to this phenomenon was the signing of the most famous charter in English history, Magna Carta, in the fields of Runnymede.

Surrey, and Guildford in particular, did develop an important cloth trade during the Late Middle Ages, but it declined in the 16th century. The paper and gunpowder trades which grew up in the Early Modern Period proved more during. Both remained vibrant until the early 20th century.

Surrey remained sparsely populated and somewhat rustic until the 18th century. The county expanded rapidly when the railways arrived and people began to buy and build homes in Surrey and commute into London.

Woking in Surrey was the site of the country’s first crematorium in 1878, as well as the first mosque, which was constructed there in 1889. Additionally, in 1881, Godalming was the first town on earth to gain a public electricity supply.

In 1889 the creation of the County of London led to many areas of Surrey being absorbed by the capital and further areas of the county were also lost to London through the creation of Greater London in 1965.

National Homebuyers Surrey

If you wish to sell property in Surrey, contacting National Homebuyers could be the best option for you. We will provide you with a fast, no obligation valuation of your property and guarantee to make a genuine cash offer to buy your home in Surrey. National Homebuyers will buy your house in Surrey directly from you, thus saving you the stress and hassle involved in being part of a complicated property chain. Quick house sale specialists, we can help you sell your home fast in Surrey – chain and stress-free. Call National Homebuyers’ Surrey house buying representatives on 0800 044 3470 or Request a Call Back icons above or fill out our online form now to get a genuine cash offer from National Homebuyers to buy your house in Surrey.

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