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One of the Home Counties, Kent is a county that lies in the South East of the country and has a population of around 1,466,500. Maidstone is the principal settlement in Kent and both Rochester and Canterbury have been accorded historic city status.

Kent House Prices

In general, average house prices in Kent are similar to those in East Sussex and lower than those found in West Sussex and Surrey.

Different house price indices offer varying interpretations of the current rate of annual house price increase in Kent. The various interpretations put the level of annual house value inflation between 6 and 9%.

However, as is the case when dealing with any large area, these general figures do not give an entirely representative picture of the property market in Kent. Not only does the very size of the county dictate that there will inevitably be widespread variation across regional markets, but there are also other factors that affect local markets and subsequently lead to distinct variations in house values.

For instance, West Kent lies within London’s inner commuter ring and, therefore, prices in the West of the county are generally higher than those in the East. Yet there are even more specific variations that not only skew the overall average figures, but also highlight exactly how difficult it is to provide a monolithic representation of a county-wide housing market. House prices in Sevenoaks are 69% higher than the average house price across the rest of Kent and values in Tunbridge Wells and Bromley are both 40% above the county average.

Penshurst has the highest average house prices in the entire county and Queensborough is the cheapest area for people buying houses in Kent.

Kent Culture, Tradition & Things to Do

Kent’s most iconic and perhaps its most famous feature is a geological one. The White Cliffs of Dover have not only featured in literature, music, art and film, but it is also one of the county’s biggest tourist attractions. What is more, the White Cliffs of Dover are also, in many ways and for many people, an emblematic symbol of Englishness itself.

Areas of Kent, most specifically Rochester, Chatham and the Cliffe Marshes, feature prominently in many of the novels of Charles Dickens. Dickens’ father lived and worked in Kent. As well as Dickens, an equally quintessential English writer of a different generation, Geoffrey Chaucer, is even more irrevocably linked with Kent, and Canterbury in particular, through his enduring and seminal work, The Canterbury Tales.

Kent is also famous for its ancient architecture, of which Canterbury has an array that is second to none. Canterbury Cathedral was the most popular site of pilgrimage throughout the Middle Ages, and remains a popular draw for tourists today. The Marlowe Theatre is the largest theatre in the county, which also has several museums and music venues.

Kent Tradition & History

The archaeological record shows that Kent has been continuously occupied since Paleolithic times. The county’s name derives from the Brythonic word Cantus, which translates as ‘rim’ or ‘border’. This derivation hints at the Kent’s position as on the edge of the British Isles, which has led to it being on the frontline in many of Britain’s wars with various European powers. It was also largely for this reason that Pope Gregory the Great chose Kent as the bastion of Christianity in England when he installed St Augustine as Archbishop of Canterbury in 597. Augustine subsequently converted King Aethelberht of Kent to Christianity.

Kent was at the centre of several major popular uprisings, including The Peasant’s Revolt, Jack Cade’s Kent Rebellion and Wyatt’s Rebellion.

Constant tension between Britain and the French and Dutch in the 17th century led to increasing military build up in the River Medway and, in the 18th century, the Medway became the primary base for a fleet that could act against either of these powers were they needed.

The first ever ordinance survey was a one inch map of Kent that was published in 1801.

Kent’s location as the nearest English county to Europe led to the emergence of a large-scale smuggling industry. A number of gangs, such as the Aldrington Gang, developed a type of folklore like fame by smuggling everything from tobacco to gunpowder.

Much of the Battle of Britain was fought in the skies over Kent, so much so that East Kent was nicknamed ‘Hell Fire Corner’. Along with London, Kent was battered by thousands of V1 doodlebug bombs. While the majority of these bombs were intercepted, 2,500 still managed to get through and caused extensive damage to both London and Kent.

Many areas of Kent, including Deptford and Greenwich, were absorbed by the capital as part of the creation of the County of London and, amazingly, Rochester lost its official city status due to an administrative error.

National Homebuyers Kent

If you are selling property in Kent, contacting a reputable, quick house sale company like National Homebuyers, who are able to buy your house in Kent no matter what your circumstances and regardless of your home’s condition or location, could well be your best option. We will provide you with a fast, no obligation valuation of your home and guarantee to make you a cash offer to buy your house in Kent. We buy any property in Kent.

So if you want to sell your house fast, or if you simply want to sell your house in Kent without all the stress and hassle usually associated with selling property, contact your local National Homebuyers. Call our Kent team on 0800 044 3470 or Request a Call Back icons located on every page of our website or fill out our online form to get a cash offer to buy your house in Kent.

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