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National Homebuyers have a dedicated purchasing team of highly talented and experienced local housing market experts covering all areas throughout Hampshire.

If you are looking to sell property in Hampshire and like the idea of a quick house sale, contacting National Homebuyers could very well be your best option. We buy any house in Hampshire and we are always interested in purchasing property in the Hampshire area.

National Homebuyers strive to stay one step ahead of all other companies that buy houses in Hampshire, and we have several methods of doing so. One of the things that sets us apart from the competition is that we buy your house in Hampshire directly from you. As a consequence, we do not have to rely on profiteering middle men; nor do we have to wait on long, complicated property chains to allow us to complete the transaction. This allows us to guarantee you a fast property sale in Hampshire.

The second factor that distinguishes us from other companies who buy houses in Hampshire is that we endeavour to keep our knowledge of each local market in which we operate as up to date as possible. One of our main objectives is to maintain our position as a national company with a local presence. Contact National Homebuyers’ Hampshire house buying team on 0800 044 3470, click either the ‘Live Chat’ or Request a Call Back icons above or fill out our online form now to get a cash offer to buy your house in Hampshire.


Hampshire, on the South Coast of England, is the ninth largest English county in the country. With a population of around 1,763,600, Hampshire is the most populous ceremonial county in England and the fifth most populous county in the country overall.

Hampshire House Prices

The average house price in Hampshire is higher than the Isle of Wight and lower than house prices in Berkshire and West Sussex.

According to Zoopla’s ZedIndex, average house prices in Hampshire have gone up by slightly under 7% in the past twelve months.

The most expensive area for house buyers in Hampshire is Dummer, while the lowest average house prices in the county can be found in North End.

Before the housing market crash in 2007, Hampshire had witnessed the highest rate of house value inflation anywhere in the country outside London. In the aftermath of the crash, it also witnessed some of the worst levels of house value depreciation in the UK. Overall, prices in the county have begun to climb again and some areas have witnessed quite rapid increases, which has led to fears arising in some quarters of the re-emergence of unsustainable prices in the county.

A recent report by Savills predicted that Hampshire will witness the highest house price increases in the country outside London over the next five years.

Steve Moore of Savills said:

“Hampshire, which represents much of the upper mainstream market in the region, is predicted to be one of the top performers over the next five years, driving housing price recovery and price growth. The extent to which the lower value areas will follow this lead will be limited by the extent of ongoing constraints on mortgage lending. This means, even in a more widespread recovery, there will still be regional and local market divides.”

It is imperative to bear in mind that house prices are heavily dependent on many factors and there are distinct variations across wider regions and even within smaller localised areas.

However, that being said, house prices across Hampshire in its entirety are rising, and many home owners in the county are hoping these increases remain steady, rather than rising exponentially as part of a housing bubble because, as we all know, all bubbles must burst eventually.

Hampshire Culture, Attractions & Things to Do

Hampshire was famously the birthplace of the Royal Navy, the British Army and the Royal Air Force. As such there are countless maritime museums and tourist attractions in the county.

Hampshire was also the birthplace of the 19th Century literary giants Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, the former of whom lived most of her life and wrote all of her major works in the county.

The entire county of Hampshire is one of the country’s most popular tourist areas. The Farnborough air show attracts many thousands of visitors every year and there are several national parks and numerous seaside resorts. Countless tourists are also attracted to the South Downs and, of course, the wondrously idyllic New Forest.

Hampshire Tradition & History

Hampshire takes its name from the settlement that eventually developed into Southampton. The Olde English name for Southampton was Hamtun, which essentially meant ‘village-town’. This settlement gave its name to the scir, or shire, in which it was located. The prefix South was added at a later date as a method of differentiation.

The area that is now Hampshire has been continuously inhabited since the end of the last Ice Age, around 14,000 years ago. Hillforts began to arise in the area during the Iron Age. Danesbury Rings are among the most famous of these.

During the Roman occupation, modern day Winchester, then called Venta, was the administrative headquarters for the Belgae, which reached included Hampshire and Wiltshire and stretched as far as Bath.

Hampshire, and particularly Winchester, emerged as the centre of Wessex, which eventually became the most powerful Anglo-Saxon kingdom, and eventually developed into England itself.

The New Forest was the famous site of the suspicious death of William the Conqueror’s son, William Rufus, who fell with a stray arrow in his chest during a hunting trip with his brother Henry. The expert marksman who misfired the arrow turned up dead soon afterwards and Henry quickly had himself crowned Henry I, even though his elder brother Robert was before him in the order of succession.

The former North American state of New Hampshire and some of the counties encompassed within it, such as Southampton and Isle of Wight, convey exactly how influential emigrants from Hampshire were in the founding of the original Anglo-American colonies.

National Homebuyers Hampshire

We buy any house in Hampshire and, unlike many other companies who buy houses, we are a direct cash guaranteed house buyer. This means that we are not reliant on third party investment. As such, we can guarantee a quick house sale in Hampshire. You will receive 100% of the agreed sale price and won’t have to suffer at the behest of long and convoluted property chains or profiteering middlemen. Following a fast, detailed, no obligation valuation of your property, we guarantee to make a genuine cash offer to buy your house in Hampshire. Sell your house fast to the market leading fast purchase property company. Contact the National Homebuyers’ Hampshire team now on 0800 044 3470 or Request a Call Back icons or fill out our online form to get your cash offer to buy your house in Hampshire.

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