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"We were really pleased with the service we received and it did exactly as it said on the tin. Dad is now out of hospital and has cash in the bank, which has meant he can see his Grandchildren enjoy their inheritance."

Mr B, Burnley, Lancashire

"Carol Bailey has been really amazing from start to finish in the whole home selling deal. she was our main port of call throughout the process. They as National Home buyers did exactly what they promised to do valued the property at a fair price. we agreed and kept there promise and time scale though […]"

Mrs. H, Devon

Greater Manchester

National Homebuyers employ a dedicated purchasing team of knowledgeable and experienced local housing market experts covering all areas throughout Greater Manchester.

National Homebuyers buy any house in Greater Manchester, irrespective of the condition or location of your property and regardless of your reasons for selling. We are the market leading, guaranteed house buying company, which means that you can sell your house fast in Greater Manchester to us without having to involve profiteering middlemen. Our house buying process allows you to sell your house in Greater Manchester without having to suffer the stress, hassle and uncertainty of being involved in a complicated property chain.

Our process couldn’t be simpler. Following the provision of a fast, no obligation valuation of your property, we will make a genuine cash offer to buy your house in Greater Manchester – chain, stress and hassle free.

Contact National Homebuyers’ Greater Manchester house buying team by calling 0800 044 3470, click either the ‘Live Chat’ or Request a Call Back icons above or fill out our online form and we will make a genuine cash offer to buy your house in Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester is a metropolitan county in the North West of England with a population of approximately 2.7 million. Its boundaries roughly equate to the area of the Greater Manchester built up area, the second largest urban conurbation in the country.

Greater Manchester House Prices

Average house prices in Greater Manchester are lower than those in nearby Cheshire but are generally higher than those in Lancashire and Merseyside. For what it is worth, the average rate of annual house price inflation in Greater Manchester stands at around 3.75%.

However it must be noted that it is difficult to generalise in terms of house prices when dealing with a large city. It becomes even more difficult to adequately descry house price trends when dealing with counties, which have several distinct areas and wide variation across regions.

As such, the level of house price inflation indicated by the general figures could be considered unrepresentative of the massive disparities displayed across the Greater Manchester housing market. There are areas in the Greater Manchester urban conurbation that have witnessed house price inflation equivalent to that which has occurred in property hotbeds like London and the South East. In many ways this has skewed the average figures across the wider region, where several other areas have seen house prices depreciate in the recent past.

If you want an individualised and accurate valuation of your property that truly reflects the value of your home, contact National Homebuyers. We offer fast, accurate, fully comprehensive, no obligation property valuations that take into account every variable affecting your home’s value.

Greater Manchester Culture, Attractions & Things to Do

Art, tourism, culture and sport account for 16% of employment in Greater Manchester. This fact poignantly indicates how many attractions and sites of special interest in Greater Manchester. Greater Manchester has several museums, including Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Gallery Oldham, Manchester Art Gallery, The Hat Works, Urbis, The Museum of Science and Industry, the Imperial War Museum North, the National Football Museum, the People’s History Museum and the Museum of Transport in Manchester. Greater Manchester also has the highest number of theatre seats per head outside London and several orchestras and large music venues.

Greater Manchester Tradition & History

Though the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester was not formed until 1974, the area has a history that dates back millennia. There is evidence of Iron Age settlement in the area and it fell under the dominion of the Brigante tribe before the Roman occupation.

The Industrial Revolution revolutionised the textile industry that developed in the Greater Manchester area during the Middle Ages. The cotton industry in particular boomed as a consequence of the onset of mechanisation. Places like Bury, Oldham and Bolton became important global industrial centres, though Manchester flourished most of all, becoming the largest settlement in the region.

National Homebuyers Greater Manchester

National Homebuyers are the premier guaranteed house buying company in the UK and we have been leading the fast purchase property industry for over a decade. We will buy your house in Greater Manchester directly from you, for cash, in a timescale that suits you. We buy any house in Greater Manchester, regardless of the condition or location of your property and irrespective of your reasons for selling.

If you want to sell your house fast in Greater Manchester, or simply wish to avoid all the stress and hassle often associated with selling property, contact National Homebuyers and, following the provision of a fast, no obligation valuation, we guarantee to make a genuine cash offer to buy your house in Greater Manchester.

Call our Greater Manchester house buying team on 0800 044 3470 or Request a Call Back icons located at the top of every page of our website or fill in our online form in order to get a cash offer from National Homebuyers to buy your house in Greater Manchester.

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