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National Homebuyers employ a dedicated purchasing team of highly talented local housing market experts covering all areas throughout Dorset.

National Homebuyers buy any house in Dorset, no matter what the condition or location of your property and regardless of your reasons for selling. We are the market leading, guaranteed house buying company, which means that you can sell your house in Dorset fast, without having to involve profiteering middlemen. Our house buying process allows you to sell your house to us without having to suffer the stress, hassle and uncertainty of being involved in a complicated property chain.

Our process couldn’t be simpler. Contact us today and, following the provision of a fast, no obligation valuation of your property, we will make a genuine cash offer to buy your house in Dorset – chain, stress and hassle free.

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Lying on the English Channel coast, Dorset is a county in the South West of England. Dorset has an approximate population of around 745,000. Dorchester is the county town of Dorset. Half the county’s population lives in the South East Dorset conurbation, while the rest of the county is predominantly rural.

Dorset House Prices

Barring Hampshire, Dorset is more expensive than its neighbouring counties. The average house price in Dorset is higher than average house prices in Somerset, Witlshire and the nearby county of Bristol.

The most expensive area to buy houses in Dorset is Sandbanks, while Portland has the lowest average property prices in the entire county. The fact that there is over a million pounds difference between the average house prices in these two areas highlights exactly how difficult it is to arrive at a truly accurate picture of the entire housing market that encompasses and represents each and every region within an area the size of Dorset. There are so many regional fluctuations and variations within Dorset that it is almost impossible to speak about average prices in the county. Dorset, like many other counties, is more accurately described as a collection of regional markets. The fact that there is so much difference between the urbanised south east and the rural majority of Dorset means that this variation and separation is somewhat more pronounced in that county than in other counties in England.

While it is difficult to arrive at a ubiquitous generalised figure, at least the majority of house price indexes agree on the generalised figure itself. Five of the most respected house price indexes place average annual house price inflation in Dorset at between 4 and 5%.

What is perhaps even more significant is that average house prices in Dorset are currently 3% higher than they were in 2007, before the advent of the global economic crisis and the ensuing housing market crash.

Dorset Culture, Attractions & Things to Do

The Dorset tourist board describes the county as one of contrasts. Dorset offers acres upon acres of unspoilt countryside and a veritable playground of beautiful beaches. The county also has a wealth of attractions, ranging from historic castles such as those at Portland or Corfe, to more modern features such as Monkey World. The Tank Museum at Bovington is one of only 30 major museums in the county and there are also over 1,500 Scheduled Ancient Monuments, 12,850 listed buildings and 190 conservation areas in the county.

Dorset also has a lively annual events calendar, with major events including the Great Dorset Steam Fair, the Bournemouth Air Festival, Spirit of the Seas, the Dorset County Show, Camp Bestival, Endorse It In Dorset, End of the Road and the Larmer Tree Festival.

The coastal areas of the county in particular are famed for their restaurants, bars and clubs. Bournemouth is widely reputed as possessing one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in the country.

Dorset Tradition & History

Dorset was originally settled during the Neolithic period, approximately 5,000 years ago. The Dorset Cursus, a huge ancient monument, dates from around this time. During the Iron Age, the Durotriges tribe built a series of hill forts across Dorset. Maiden Castle is the most notable of these and is the largest Iron Age hill fort in Europe.

Maiden Castle was captured by a Roman Legion under Vespasian following the 1st century invasion of Britain. The Roman settlement of Durnovaria, which eventually developed into modern day Dorchester, was later established nearby.

Dorset eventually became a shire under the old Anglo-Saxon system and was located in the powerful kingdom of Wessex. One of the earliest Viking raids on the British Isles occurred on the Portland coast in 789. Dorset suffered Viking attacks for the next two centuries.

Dorset underwent a boom following the Norman Conquest. The population expanded rapidly, the ports of Bridport, Melcombe Regis, Lyme Regis and Weymouth flourished as vital links to the Plantagenet territories in Gascony and the wool trade and the quarrying of Purbeck marble brought great prosperity to the region. However, following the arrival of the Black Death in Melcombe Regis in 1348, Dorset was devastated and took centuries to recover.

The county became a theatre of war during the English Civil War and was also the site of teh Bloody Assizes in the 1660s, when several rebels who supported the Duke of Monmouth’s rebellion against James II were put to death in Dorchester.

The Industrial Revolution largely bypassed Dorset and agriculture remained the predominant contributor to the county’s economic base throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. While Weymouth was first popularised as a holiday destination by George III, the real boom in Dorset’s tourist industry began after the Second World War. Following the decline in agriculture that characterised much of the 20th century, due to its abundance of idyllic countryside, beautiful beaches and seaside resorts tourism became, and remains, the main sector of Dorset’s economy.

National Homebuyers Dorset

National Homebuyers have spent over a decade building a reputation of equitability and professionalism. We are the UK’s leading guaranteed house buying company and we will buy your house in Dorset directly from you –  chain, stress and hassle free. We buy any house in Dorset, regardless of the condition or location of your property and irrespective of your circumstances or reasons for selling. If you wish to sell your house in Dorset, or simply want to avoid all the headaches often associated with selling property, contact National Homebuyers today.

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