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"So, what can I say? National Home Buyers….were fantastic, yes, they made a good chunk of money on my house but you know what? They dug me out of a hole where I had given up hope of anything good happening. From start to finish they were very helpful, I must say though that Laura […]"

Mrs M, Devon

"I had been caring for my Mother for a number of years and the thought of selling my property using an Estate Agent was a hassle that I did not feel able to cope with."

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Sell my house fast in Cumbria

National Homebuyers have a dedicated purchasing team of extremely knowledgeable and experienced local housing market experts covering all areas throughout Cumbria.

National Homebuyers are the market leading, fast purchase property company and we have spent the past decade building a reputation of fairness, equitability and professionalism. Our local team’s expertise, combined with our company’s size and national coverage, allows us to provide a level of service that is absolutely second to none.

We buy any house in Cumbria, regardless of the condition or location of your property and irrespective of your personal circumstances or reasons for selling. If you wish to sell your house fast in Cumbria, or simply don’t want to incur all the stress and hassle often associated with selling property, contact our helpful and friendly Cumbria representatives.

Following the provision of a fast, comprehensive, no obligation valuation of your property, we guarantee to make a genuine cash offer to buy your house in Cumbria.

Call our Cumbria house buying team on 08000 443 911 or Request a Call Back icons located at the top of every page of our website or fill in our online form in order to get a cash offer from National Homebuyers to buy your house in Cumbria.


Cumbria is a non-metropolitan and ceremonial county in the North West of England with a population of just under half a million.  The county was formed in 1974 following the Local Government Act 1972 from Cumberland, Lancashire over the sands and Westmorland. Carlisle is the county town of Cumbria.

Cumbria House Prices

Average house prices in Cumbria are higher than those in nearby Lancashire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester. Furthermore average house prices in Cumbria are broadly similar to what they were last year. This is certainly not the case for every area across the entire county, but a number of respected house price indexes concur that, overall, average house prices in the area have failed to rise significantly over the past twelve months.

Average house prices relating to an area the size of the entire county of Cumbria, with its vast population and distinct cultural differences, can obviously only tell you so much. There are many variations across the region, which is better viewed as a collection of separate local housing markets as opposed to one large market.

A poignant example of this fact is illustrated by the difference between the housing markets in areas such as, for instance, Grasmere and Millom. Residents of Cumbria will take it as a given that there is little point in comparing properties in these areas, owing primarily to the fact that average house prices in the former area are almost four hundred thousand pounds higher than those in the latter.

If you want to obtain a highly individualised and incredibly accurate valuation of your property that reflects the true value of your home, contact National Homebuyers. We offer fast, accurate, fully comprehensive, no obligation property valuations that take into account every variable affecting your home’s value.

Cumbria Culture, Attractions & Things to Do

The Lake District and the Lake District National Park are located in the predominantly rural county of Cumbria, which also contains the iconic Hadrian’s Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Containing every peak in England over 3,000m above sea level, Cumbria is a haven for hikers and climbers who aren’t afraid of an uphill struggle and who are searching for some breathtaking scenery, which has inspired countless writers from Wordsworth and Coleridge to Beatrix Potter.

Furnace Abbey, Carlisle Castle and Carlisle Cathedral are just some of the notable landmarks, tourist attractions and sites of special interest in Cumbria and the ancient Gypsy fair takes place at Appleby every year.

Cumbria Tradition & History

Cumbria was controlled by the Brigante and Carvetii tribes before the Romans extended their dominion to the area in 85 CE. The Cumbric speaking Brythonic region that eventually became modern day Cumbria formed the nucleus of the Kingdom of Rheged until it became incorporated into the Anglican Kingdom of Northumberland.

By the time of the Norman Conquest most of what is now Cumbria fell under the suzerainty of Scotland. It was William Rufus, the Conqueror’s son who succeeded him as King of England, that invaded the area in 1092 and made it part of England. Due to its proximity to the Scottish border Cumbria often served as a theatre of war during the incessant Anglo-Scottish wars of the Late Mediaeval and Early Modern Periods, only really coming to an end following the Jacobite Risings.

The county underwent extensive expansion during the Industrial Revolution, witnessing the growth of large iron, steelworks and shipbuilding industries and large population expansion. Textiles, pencils and biscuits were also manufactured in the region at the time.

National Homebuyers Cumbria

National Homebuyers are a guaranteed house buying company and, unlike other companies that buy houses in Cumbria, we will buy your house directly from you, for cash. We do not rely on third party investment and we have no time or use for profiteering middlemen. We simply offer a fast, hassle free service that allows you to sell your home in Cumbria – chain and stress free – and in a timescale that is totally tailored to suit your needs.

Call our Cumbria house buying team on 08000 443 911 or Request a Call Back icons located at the top of every page of our website or fill in our online form in order to get a cash offer from National Homebuyers to buy your house in Cumbria.

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