Why Sell Your Home To National Homebuyers?

Whatever Your Reasons for Selling: We Buy Within 30 Days

Here at National Homebuyers, we take immense pride in the top-quality, polite and friendly service our personnel provide. If you are looking to for a quick house sale, we are the best at ensuring an easy and stress-free purchase in as little as 30 days. There are a number of reasons for using National Homebuyers, just as there are a plethora of different reasons as to why an individual might want to sell their home. If you would like to see how satisfied our previous customers have been then please take a look at these genuine reviews of our service.


More often than not people want to move simply because they need or want to relocate, either to a bigger property or to a different area or sometimes even both. For these people, we provide a flexible sale completion date tailored to their needs so that the transition to their new home runs smoothly, without being stuck in between properties having to rent or stay in a hotel. We tailor the service around you and if you need to stay in your property for a certain amount of time before moving then that is no problem. We are flexible with regards to the time in which you can remain in your home; simply speak to our friendly property team here at National Homebuyers who will ensure that everything is to your satisfaction.

Second Homes

For others, especially in the wake of proposed changes to Capital Gains Taxes and second property nominations, it is simply a matter of taking advantage of the current policies regarding second homes. Then there are our customers who find themselves in less fortunate positions, for whom we are particularly pleased to have been able to help.

The Death of a Loved One

For over a decade our quick sale service has helped the bereaved unload unwanted properties swiftly and enjoy their inheritance as it was intended.


It has also enabled recently divorced couples to start afresh without the hangover of a property slouching on the market, not moving, tying up their cash.

Financial Difficulties

In the same vein moreover, it has assisted those in desperate financial situations who are in arrears on their mortgage and facing the threat of repossession, giving them a chance to wipe the slate clean before irreversible damage is done to their credit scores.

We Guarantee You a Quick, Hassle-Free Sale

Irrespective of the seller’s reasons for selling, National Homebuyers appreciate that the hassle of dealing with estate agents and the uncooperative nature of the market are enough to send anyone around the bend, even at the best of times. It is this premise that spurred the creation of National Homebuyers, which is now the market leading house buying company in the UK.

We will buy your house, property or piece of land regardless of condition and location, directly and privately from you, with no third party investors or involvement. So, if you want an individual, no obligation valuation of your property please get in contact with us using either the contact form on the right of the page, the telephone number at the top or by requesting a call back using the adjacent link.