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"Carol Bailey has been really amazing from start to finish in the whole home selling deal. she was our main port of call throughout the process. They as National Home buyers did exactly what they promised to do valued the property at a fair price. we agreed and kept there promise and time scale though […]"

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National Homebuyers employ a dedicated purchasing team of local housing market experts covering all areas throughout Worcester and the surrounding regions.

National Homebuyers are on hand to provide you with expert advice on everything involved in selling your home to us. National Homebuyers buy houses for cash and we are always interested in purchasing property in Worcester.

If you want to sell property in Worcester without all the stress and hassle normally associated with selling property, contact our Worcester team on 08000 443 911  or Request a Call Back icons, or fill out our online form to get your cash offer to buy your house in Worcester.

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Worcester House Prices & Redevelopment

Like many other areas of the country, Worcester’s property market has been showing signs of improvement over the past year. The average house price has raised by 4.25% in the past year, though it should be borne in mind that this figure is not universal and hides large discrepancies in prices across the city, with prices in some areas depreciating as quickly as those in other areas are rising. Additionally, the overall UK market is undeniably cooling at present, and Worcester is no exception. The Worcester market is beginning to favour house buyers, with more people looking to sell property and less house buyers entering the market, making it increasingly difficult to sell your house fast in Worcester.

Recent developments have attempted to remain more attentive to the historical and architectural landscape of the city than the works carried out in the 1950s and 60s. The historic Watergate recently received a £5m revamp, with a new foot and cycle path over the Severn being installed as part of the process. Plans have also been released recently for the redevelopment of Trinity House, on the corner of St Nicholas Street and City Walls Road in the City Centre. Separate plans have recently been submitted to the city council which, were they to go ahead, would constitute the largest redevelopment in Worcester for a generation. The scheme will focus on Shrub Hill and includes plans for 600 new homes, an 80-bed retirement and care community, a 5 screen multiplex cinema, bowling alley, ice skating rink and a number of bars, shops and restaurants across a 900,000ft² area.

Worcester Culture & Attractions

Most of Worcester is located on the eastern bank of the Severn, with some of its most notable suburbs including Barbourne, Blackpole, Cherry Orchard, Claines, Diglis, Northwick, Red Hill, Ronkswood, St Peter the Great (known locally as St Peters), Tolladine, Warndon and Warndon Villages.

Besides the renowned Worcester Cathedral, resting place of King John, Worcester has several notable buildings, though significantly less than it would had the policy of replacing much of its Medieval architecture not gone ahead in the mid-20th century, a process Nikolaus Pevsner described as an unfathomable “act of self-mutilation”. Notable buildings in Worcester are the Queen Anne style Guildhall, constructed in 1721, and the new central library, The Hive, which was named the best new-build project at the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers’ Building Performance Awards 2013.

Worcester Tradition & History

Having been inhabited since the Neolithic Era, Worcester, bisected as it is by the River Severn, became an important an important centre of trade and manufacturing during the Roman occupation and remained important to the Anglo-Saxons, who established the Episcopal See for the diocese there.

Historically a focal point of civil strife, the city was almost destroyed following a rebellion against Harthacanute’s taxation policies and fell under attack several times during the civil war between King Stephen and Empress Matilda known as The Anarchy. It was also the site of the final battle of the English Civil War, the outcome of which effectively ushered in the Interregnum under the reign of Oliver Cromwell. In light of all this history it seems fitting that, during World War II, Worcester was chosen as the site from which the evacuated government would operate in the case of a mass German Invasion.

National Homebuyers Worcester

If you are looking to sell your house in Worcester, why not contact National Homebuyers? We are national, quick house sale specialists with a wealth of knowledge relating to the Worcester housing market. We provide no obligation valuations and make guaranteed cash offers so that you are able to sell property in Worcester directly to us, thus removing all middle men, property chains and stress and allowing you to sell your house fast. So if you do want to sell your house fast in Worcester, contact us by phone or online because we buy any house in Worcester, regardless of condition or location.

If you want to sell property in Worcester without all the stress and hassle normally associated with selling property, contact our Worcester team on 08000 443 911 , Request a Call Back icons, or fill out our online form to get your cash offer to buy your house in Worcester.