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National Homebuyers employ a dedicated purchasing team covering Truro and the surrounding areas.

At National Homebuyers we pride ourselves on being a national company who work hard to maintain a local presence in many areas of the country. Truro is one of the areas in which we maintain a strong level of involvement in the local housing market.

We are the country’s premier quick house sale company and, if you wish to sell your home fast in Truro, without any stress or hassle, National Homebuyers are the best option for you. Contact our Truro house buying team by telephone on 08000 443 911  or Request a Call Back icons above or complete our online form now to get a cash offer to buy your house in Truro.

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Truro is a city in the administrative capital of Cornwall in the South West of England. The city is a popular tourist destination and has a population of around 20,000.

Truro House Prices & Redevelopment

A recent study carried out by Lloyds TSB showed that Truro was the third least affordable city in which to live in the UK, beaten only by Oxford and Winchester, with properties costing an average of nine times the rate of local wages.

The average cost of buying a home in Truro has gone up in the past year. However, all the most recent evidence shows that the housing market is beginning to cool in the face of fears related to rising interest rates and as a consequence of market restrictions introduced by monetary policy makers. Recent reports have also shown that home buyer confidence is at its lowest level in years.

The Truro Eastern District Centre partnership development, east of the city centre, is the most notable ongoing development in the area. The development sits on an 19.47 hectare area of land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall between the A39 Newquay Road and the A390 Union Hill, to the east of the city centre. 2.76 hectares of the area shall be devoted to housing
. Despite vehement opposition from many areas of the local community, concerned about the local environment and the increasing homogeneity of the local area, early stages of the planned works began this year.

Truro Tradition & History

According to the archaeological records Truro, the administrative capital of Cornwall, was first settled following the Norman invasion. In the 13th Century, having grown into an important port and stannary town, Truro was violently depopulated by the arrival of the Black Death.  The town’s resurgence seems to have been complete by the Tudor period, when Elizabeth I awarded the town a new charter and a concomitant level of autonomy in 1589.

A centre of Royalist loyalty during the Civil War, Truro raised a considerable amount of troops for the king and even contained a royal mint, which was later moved Exeter following the sacking of the town by Parliamentarian forces in 1646.

Unsurprisingly, given its large tin reserves, Truro flourished during the Industrial Revolution and many wealthy mine owners flocked to the town, constructing a grand collection of townhouses throughout the Georgian and Victorian eras, evidence of which is still available to anyone who cares to take a stroll along modern day Lemon Street, and earning Truro the sobriquet ‘the London of Cornwall’.

Truro continued to expand during the late Victorian period, due in large part to the continually increasing price of tin, as well as the town’s possession of its own iron smelting works, potteries and tanneries. These economic good times were only bolstered by the arrival of the Great Western Railway in the 1860s. The granting of city status to Truro by Queen Victoria in 1877 is seen by some as representing Truro’s historical apex.

Following the decline of the mining industry, Truro was able to maintain its prominent status in the South West through its position as the administrative centre of Cornwall and by reinventing itself as the leisure and retail capital of the district – a role it still occupies to this day.

National Homebuyers Truro

If you wish to sell your home in Truro, National Homebuyers could well be the best option for you. We buy houses for cash in Truro and are always interested in acquiring property in the Truro area. Because we buy your house in Truro directly from you, we are able to cut out all the stress involved in being part of a long property chain, a usual necessary evil commonly involved with selling property.

So if you would like to sell your house fast in Truro, come to National Homebuyers. Call our Truro house buying team on 08000 443 911 or Request a Call Back icons above or complete our online form now to get a cash offer to buy your house in Truro.