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Ripon is an ancient and traditional cathedral city and market town in North Yorkshire. Located at the confluence of the Rivers Laver and Skell, both tributaries of the River Ure, Ripon is the fourth smallest city in the UK with a population of just under 17,000.

Ripon House Prices & Redevelopment

According to Zoopla’s house price index, property prices in Ripon have failed to keep pace with house value appreciation in other areas of the country. According to the property website’s Zed-Index, house prices in Ripon have depreciated by 0.67% over the past twelve months.

Given the increasing imminence of a rise to the base rate of interest, as well as the tougher regulations and rhetoric emerging from the Bank of England and the seeming closing of the gap between supply and demand of housing stock pointed to by the latest data, house price growth in Ripon seems unlikely to recover in the very near future.

The West of Market Place is currently being redeveloped, part of the Bishop’s Palace was recently turned into Ripon Community Link Walled Garden and the Ripon City Plan is still in the very early planning stages.

Ripon Culture, Attractions & Things to Do

Cultural events in Ripon reflect the city’s Mediaeval origins. Wilfrid’s Procession is an annual event that celebrates St Wilfrid’s return to Ripon and the Long Sword dance is relatively popular in the city. As a traditional market town the local market, held every Thursday, is still a big attraction in Ripon. The tradition of the Ripon Hornblower has also endured to this day. At nine o’clock every morning the horn is blown at the four corners of the obelisk in Market Square. Ripon is the fourth smallest city in the country and much of its economy is based around the tourism industry. Tourists flock to Ripon to see its famous buildings. Ripon Racecourse and Lightwater Valley theme, home of the longest rollercoaster in Europe, also attract thousands of visitors each year.

Ripon Tradition & History

Despite being located close to a Brigantine earthwork and a Roman military outpost, Ripon itself was not actually settled until the 7th century CE, when it was part of the Angle kingdom of Northumbria.

Wilfrid, later Bishop of York and, later still, St Wilfrid, founded a church dedicated to St Peter in what was then known as Inhyrpum, after being granted the land by King Ahlfrith in 658 CE. Documented history which relates to Ripon throughout the next few centuries is somewhat scant, though it is apparent that the area suffered from much turmoil.

Ripon fell under Danelaw following the Viking invasions and later, in 948, it was put to the torch at the behest of King Edred. Following a brief return of prosperity in the late 10th and early 11th centuries, Ripon suffered horribly as part of William I’s Harrying of the North, with much of it being reduced to ash in 1069 and the remainder of the now tiny community shrinking to a small ring of human inhabitation around the church.

By the 12th century Ripon had developed into an extremely important centre for the wool trade, owing much of its success to its close proximity to Fountains Abbey, where the local Cistercian monks farmed sheep to a considerable extent.

Given its reliance on all things ecclesiastical, it is unsurprising that Ripon suffered greatly during the Reformation. One of the changes Henry VIII’s religious revolution wrought was the enforced reorganisation of the local economy, moving from its traditional textile base to becoming a renowned centre for the production of spurs. with the name of ‘Ripon Spurs’ entering the collective colloquial consciousness in the form of many adages and idioms.

As an area renowned for its stoic Catholicism and Royalist sentiment, Ripon suffered the concomitant upheavals that accompanied these loyalties in the 16th and 17th centuries; most notably during the English Civil War and following the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

The railways arrived in 1848 and Ripon was the location of a large military training base during the First World War. The city also played a role as a training site during the Second World War. In the post war era Ripon began to grow in size and developed a successful and substantial tourist industry.

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