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Lying on the River Wensum in Norfolk, of which it is the county town, Norwich is an ancient city in East Anglia with an approximate population of around 215,000 people living in its built up area. Norwich has been an important urban centre since it was founded by the Iceni tribe and was also the first city in the country to be designated as a UNESCO City of Literature.

Norwich House Prices

Local estate agents in Norwich have been warning for some time that average house prices in the area have not witnessed anything like the meteoric rises seen in other areas of the country. Instead, they have repeatedly noted that average house prices in the area have been rising at a ‘slow and steady’ level over the past couple of years. Local housing market experts have also been quick to point out that, while the amount of sellers is not optimum at present, Norwich has generally not suffered from the drought of available housing stock that drove up prices in many areas in the early part of this year. The most common problem in the area, according to many local experts, is that properties in Norfolk are often over priced by over zealous agents.

Tom Goodley, of local agents Strutt & Parker said:

“There are still a number of overpriced houses in Norfolk, with many vendors remaining apathetic as to whether their house sells or not. My main fear is that over-eager agents will start to quote crazy guide prices in order to build their book of property.”

While some areas in and around Norwich have witnessed house price inflation in the region of 9 or 10% over the past twelve months, the 5% increase put forward by Saville’s is probably more representative and some areas have even witnessed price decline over the past year, particularly on houses valued below £200,000. Either way, house prices across the entire district are still below the peak levels they reached in 2007.

Norwich Culture & Attractions


Norwich has a rich tradition in a variety of areas including art, literature and publishing. The city was the first to gain a provincial library and remains a large regional centre of the publishing industry. Norwich Cathedral, Norwich Castle, the cobbled streets and museums of old Norwich, Cow Tower, Colman’s Mustard Shop and Museum, Dragon Hall and The Forum are just some of the features and landmarks that have led to the city developing a thriving tourist industry and the ‘Norwich 12’ group are a collection of the city’s most important architectural features. There are also various theatres, museums and galleries and the ever popular football club, Norwich City.

Norwich Tradition & History

The Iceni had their capital around 8 miles south of present day Norwich, the Romans made the area the capital of the East Anglian section of the province and, following their withdrawal from Britain, the Anglo-Saxons settled the site of the modern day city some time between the 5th and 7th centuries, reputedly using the stone of the more ancient settlement in their construction. Three Anglo-Saxon settlements in the area eventually merged into one thriving centre of trade, commerce and culture that remained prominent throughout the Mediaeval and Early Modern Periods.

The city’s prominence as a centre of commerce and industry, particularly textiles, continued until the economic diversification of the late 20th century, when the local economy became primarily service based. The major employment sectors in the city are now business and financial services (31%), public services (26%), retail (12%), manufacturing (8%) and tourism (7%).

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