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Lichfield is a cathedral city in Staffordshire with a population of around 32,500 people and over 100,000 residents in its wider area.

Lichfield House Prices & Redevelopment

The housing market in Lichfield has shown promising signs of improvement over the past year, though the most recent data suggests that much of the heat has been taken out of the market as of late. Increasing fears of the imminence of impending interest rate rises coupled with tougher rhetoric and regulation emanating from the Bank of England have undoubtedly led to the slowing of house price appreciation in Lichfield.

Various regeneration projects have been or are being undertaken in the city. The Darwin Park housing estate has been under development for a number of years and delayed development at Friarsgate looks closer to fruition than ever before, with plans to include a £100 million shopping and leisure complex now tantalisingly close. The police station, bus station, Ford garage and multi-storey car park will be demolished to make way for 22,000m2 of retail space and 2,000m2 of leisure facilities, including a large department store, six-screen cinema, hotel, 37 shops and 56 apartments.

Lichfield Tradition & History

Lichfield has the distinction of being one of 16 civil parishes in the country that possesses city status. There is evidence of human settlement in the area that dates back to the Neolithic and, in some places, even the Mesolithic Era.

There was a Roman settlement at Wall, just over two miles from the city. The Romano-British settlement was called Letocetum, which meant ‘grey wood’, and it is from this settlement that most etymologists believe Lichfield, through a very long and convoluted process, derived its name.

However, local legend tells a different tale. According to popular belief, the city is said to be the site of the martyrdom of a thousand Christians around 300 CE, during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. According to this populist version of events, Lichfield means ‘field of the dead’.

Either way, the first time Lichfield enters recorded history is in the 7th century CE, when Chad of Mercia established his Bishopric there in 669. The attention spent on Lichfield Cathedral, and the amount of times it was redesigned and redeveloped, underscores Lichfield’s significance in Medieval times. The city’s importance under Anglo-Saxon rule is further evidenced by the fact that the Staffordshire hoard was discovered just 3 miles away from the city.

Lichfield’s economy was strongest when it held the position of the ecclesiastical centre of Mercia. The city continued to retain its prominence under Norman and Plantagenet rule, when it was an important centre of pilgrimage, with visitors coming from all over the country, and even from Europe, to worship at the shrine of St Chad.

However the shrine and Lichfield’s position of ecclesiastical importance were both destroyed by Henry VIII’s Reformation. Following a brief economic renaissance, when Lichfield reinvented itself as an important centre of the coaching industry, wider circumstances again conspired against the city as the Industrial Revolution dawned and nearby cities such as Birmingham exploded into meteoric expansion, leaving Lichfield to retain a largely unchanged character in the centuries that followed.

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