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Lying on the River Lune, Lancaster is the county town of its eponymous county, Lancashire. The city has an approximate population of 45,000, while around 150,000 people reside in the wider district.

Lancaster House Prices

As with most cities in the UK. or anywhere else for that matter, generalised house price figures can only convey a certain amount of the overall picture of the property market in Lancaster. This will seem obvious to local residents, who will obviously understand that a three bedroom house in, say, Palatine Avenue will not achieve anything like the same price as a similar sized property in Brettargh Drive.

That being said, when taken as a whole, and allowing for such regional discrepancies as those noted above, average house prices in the city are not very different from what they were this time last year. Even the most optimistic house price indices place average house value inflation in Lancaster at just over 1%.

At least this less than amazing level of house price inflation is steady. Stability will be welcome in a city that has witnessed a lot of fluctuation over the past few years, with rises as high as 7% and drops of over 11% having occurred over the past couple of years.

Lancaster Culture, Attractions & Things to Do

The ancient city of Lancaster has a large arts community and several theatres, galleries and museums. The city also boasts a wealth of historically and architecturally noteworthy buildings, foremost among which are Lancaster Castle, the Priory Church of St. Mary and the Edwardian Ashton Memorial. The Yorkshire House, The Lancaster Grand Theatre and the Dukes are the most notable live music venues and the city plays host to various annual festivals such as the Lancaster Jazz Festival and The Maritime Festival. With a large student population in attendance at the famous Lancaster University, the city also has a very vibrant nightlife.

Lancaster Tradition & History

There was a Roman fort on the site of what is now Lancaster, yet the first written record we have of the city is in Domesday Book, where it is recorded as Loncastre- the fort on the River Lune. There is little evidence for goings on in Lancaster between the Roman exodus and the Norman Conquest.

Lancaster Castle was partially built by the 13th century, expanded by Elizabeth I and was the site of the famous Pendle Witch Trials of 1612. Lancaster earned the sobriquet ‘The Hanging Town’ because more people were condemned as witches and sentenced to death by hanging in Lancaster than in any other British county outside London.

Any sort of meaningful explanation of the convoluted history of the infamous Wars of the Roses is far beyond the scope of an article such as this. Suffice to say that Lancaster’s emblem, The Red Rose of Lancaster, was one of the two roses that constituted the Wars of the Roses, the famous series of civil wars that were contested between different branches of the royal family in competition for the English throne.

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