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Inverness is widely considered to be the ‘Capital of the Highlands’ and holds the distinction of being the northernmost city in all of the United Kingdom. The city has a population of around 62,500.

Inverness House Prices & Redevelopment

According to the Rightmove property index, house prices inflation in Inverness have failed to appreciate significantly since last year and still remain at least 13% down on the levels they managed to reach in 2008. Though there have been some signs of slight improvement in house price growth in the region as of late, the Inverness housing market has failed to see the types of steep house price escalation witnessed in other parts of the UK.

Upcoming regeneration projects in Inverness include plans to construct a multiplex in the Eastgate shopping district, rejuvenate the Old Town retail district and extensively improve the road, transport and other infrastructural networks.

Inverness Culure & Attractions

Located in the breathtakingly awesome Scottish Highlands, Inverness boasts a relatively large tourism industry, with The Ness Islands and the ancient hillfort of Craig Phadraig being renowned attractions. Inverness Castle, Inverness Cathedral and the Old High Church are also major landmarks and sightseeing destinations in Inverness.

According to a recent survey, Inverness tops the happiness index for Scotland and comes second in the UK for overall resident happiness.

Inverness Tradition & History

Like many other areas in the region, which was predominantly Scottish Gaelic speaking until well into the 19th Century, Inverness is an Anglicised version of an old Scottish placename – Inbhir Nis, which means ‘mouth of the river’. The name came about due to Inverness’ location at the mouth of the River Ness, at the south-westernmost extremity of the Moray Firth. At the end of the famous Great Glen; Loch Ness, Loch Ashie and Loch Duntelchaig all lie to the west of the city. Loch Ness, Loch Oich, and Loch Lochy are all connected by the city’s Caledonian Canal. Inverness also lies on the Great Glen Fault.

Though there is little archaeological evidence to support the theory, it is widely believed and convincingly argued that Inverness was inhabited long before St Columba visited there with the intention of converting the Pictish overlord in the area to Christianity in 565 CE.

Located just west of the city, The Aird is believed to have served as the battle ground for two famous conflicts: King Malcolm III’s defeat of the Norwegian forces under Thorfinn at Blar Nam Feinne in the 11th Century; and the defeat of Donald Balloch MacDonald and his followers in the 15th Century.  The fateful Battle of Colluden, where the Duke of Cumberland effectively put an end to the Jacobite Uprising with his bloody victory over Bonnie Prince Charlie’s forces, took place near the city in 1746. Several other battles have taken place near Inverness, including the Battle of Clachnaharry, the Battle of Blairnacoi and the Battle of Harlaw.

However perhaps the most famous of all Invernessians was Mac Bethad Mac Findláich, who ruled Inverness as Mormaer of Moray and Ross from his castle in the city. Mac Bethad Mac Findláich, who murdered King Duncan at Inverness in the 11th Century, was famously immortalised in the eponymous ‘Scottish Play’ – MacBeth.

History will also, in a sense, view Inverness as the birthplace of the Irish Free State. In the Inverness Town House on the 7th of September 1921, during the first ever meeting of the British Cabinet to take place outside London, David Lloyd George and his ministers met with representatives of the Irish Republic and composed the Inverness Formula, which formed the bones of the later Anglo-Irish Treaty which concluded the Irish War of Independence.

Older industries traditionally connected with Inverness, such as distilling have more recently been replaced with high-tech businesses, prominent among which is the design and manufacture of diabetes diagnostic kits. Several medical manufacturing and design businesses are located in the city at the Highlands and Islands Enterprise funded Centre for Health Science. Following its relocation from Edinburgh, Scottish Natural Heritage is now located in Inverness and provides many jobs in the city.

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