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East Kilbride

In 1947, East Kilbride became the first of the five New Towns designated in Scotland, although there is evidence of settlement in the area since long before the Romans arrived, as is demonstrated by the antidiluvian grave sites at Kype Water. Lying in South Lanarkshire, around 8 miles from Glasow, East Kilbride has a population of around 74,000.

East Kilbride House Prices

As is evident in much of the rest of Scotland, house prices in East Kilbride are not experiencing the type of extensive growth that is currently being experienced across much of the rest of the country. Having said that, the area is benefiting from the type of steady appreciation that is being witnessed in some areas of Glasgow at the moment. Many homeowners in the area will be watching the upcoming vote on Scottish independence with avid interest in order to ascertain whether this will affect the local market.

East Kilbride Culture & Attractions

The intentional design that defined the New Town plans of the mid 20th century has resulted in East Kilbride being subdivided into a series of different zones, each being served by its own distinct local amenities. It is worth noting that newer areas, such as Stewartfield, do not adhere to this model. A ring road encircles East Kilbride Shopping Centre, the largest covered shopping centre in all of Scotland.

The residential precincts are then located around the ring road and industrial estates are located on the outskirts of the town. The shopping centre essentially consists of six separate yet interlinked malls: The Plaza, Princes Mall, Olympia, Southgate, Princes Square and Centre West; collectively called ‘The Centre’ by locals. Following the closure of many of its stores, several redevelopment projects that have gone ahead, such as the Centre West construction, and rejuvenation proposals that have failed to materialise and a recent rebranding, The Centre was placed on the market in early June 2014 for £175m.

Humorously referred to by locals as ‘Polo Mint City’ due to its large number of roundabouts, a feature common to most mid-20th century New Towns, there are also several landmarks and areas of interest in East Kilbride. These include St Brides Church; ‘The White Man’, a statue of Sir Walter Scott at the corner of Old Coach Road and Markethill Road; The National Museum of Rural Life; The James Hamilton Heritage Park; the relatively recently refurbished Dollan Aqua Centre; The Hunter House Church and Langlands Moss. Incidentally, Whitelee Wind Farm, near Eaglesham, is Europe’s largest on shore wind farm.

National Homebuyers Tradition & History

East Kilbride, rendered in modern Gaelic as Cille Bhrìghde, means the companions of Bride (Anglicised as Brigit). The town takes its name from the Irish ecclesiast St Bride, who founded a monastery and nunnery in Kildare in the 6th century. The connection between the area and the Irish saint perhaps developed following the founding of a parish church in the area, atop of a sacred Pagan well, an assumption that seems plausible due to the fact that the well was dedicated to the Celtic goddess Brigid, who became syncretized with St Brigit during the Middle Ages. Parenthetically, the parish church has been destroyed and rebuilt several times and now stands 50m from the site where the aforementioned sacred well stood.

National Hombuyers East Kilbride

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