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Doncaster is a large town located in South Yorkshire, around 20 miles south of Sheffield. Doncaster has a population of approximately 128,000.

Doncaster House Prices & Redevelopment

The Doncaster housing market has recently been singled out as an example of the regional discrepancies in the UK market at present. While many areas in the country have experienced something of a housing boom as of late, the market in Doncaster is severely stalling. Properties take 50% longer than the national average to shift, prices are pretty much stagnant and people selling houses are forced to price their property extremely competitively in order to achieve a sale. In fact, a recent report showed that property prices in Doncaster are currently lower than they were ten years ago.

According to Lesley Harris-Newstead of local estate agents Reed Rains: “While customers might have heard that house prices in the UK have jumped 10 per cent this year, that’s London and other big cities — not Doncaster. Houses here are not easy to sell. They have to be priced right to stand a chance. Often we have to explain to clients that their home isn’t worth as much as they think because they’ve heard about what’s going on in the rest of the country. That can offend them.”

Local homeowners will no doubt be hoping that the extensive amount of redevelopment ongoing in Doncaster will go some way towards reducing this extreme house price stagnation. A 46 hectare brownfield site at Doncaster Waterfront is currently the subject of a £250m redevelopment project, the former Tyco electronics factory in Wheatley Hall Road will soon be transformed into a retail park by St Mowdens and a landmark £300m project is underway to create a new civic and cultural quarter in the Waterdale area of the town centre.

Doncaster Culture & Attractions

Perhaps Doncaster’s defining feature is its excellent location. Therefore, following the widespread deindustrialisation in the late 20th Century, Doncaster has remained an important trade centre, principally in the distribution sector. Doncaster’s almost incomparable communication links and transport infrastructure have resulted in several large national and international companies, including Next, Tesco, Ikea, Amazon, Faberge and B&Q, locating their main distribution centres in the area. Doncaster International Railport, an important road-rail intermodal terminal responsible for shipping goods to Europe, and one of the biggest signalling centres on the country’s rail network, Doncaster PSB, are also located in the town.

Doncaster Racecourse is an important horse racing venue and the Dome Leisure Centre often hosts events in the area. The Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, which houses the Regimental Museum of the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, is a chief cultural centre in the area, though Aeroventure and the Trolleybus Museum also attract many visitors annually.

Doncaster Tradition & History

The South Yorkshire town of Doncaster, and particularly St George’s Minster, is built on the site of a Roman fortress which was built in the 1st century CE. The fort is listed in the Notitia Dignitatum as Danum. It is from here that the River Don, beside which the town is built, derives its name. Similarly caster is an Old English adaptation of castra, a Latin word denoting a military encampment.

The Crispinian Cavalry, named after Constantine the Great’s son Crispus, who actually lived at Danum while Constantine was resident at Eboracum, was garrisoned at the fort. The area was of great importance during Roman times because the Roman road that ran through it provided an alternative and, in many ways, safer route from Lincoln to York than the principal passageway, Ermine Street.

Following the Roman’s withdrawal from Britain, Doncaster became an Anglo-Saxon burgh. Having been granted its first charter by Richard I in 1194; Doncaster suffered many ebbs, usually defined by fire or plague, and flows, often in the form of ecclesiastical ascendancy and trade importance, during the Mediaeval period. Doncaster’s expansion, periodically punctured by plague, continued throughout the 16th and 17th Centuries and, by the 18th Century Doncaster’s prominent position on the Great North Road began to bring more permanent prosperity to the region.

Due to its excellent communication links, its proximity to other major urban areas and its large reserves of coal, Doncaster became an extremely important industrial centre during the Industrial Revolution, during which time Doncaster expanded hugely. The arrival of the railways only served to augment this phenomenon.

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