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The ancient city of Bath is located in Somerset, around 13 miles from Bristol and has a population of around 89,000. The entire city was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1987.

Bath House Prices & Redevelopment

The property market in Bath has been buoyant in the past few months. In fact there has been growth in the area for the past couple of years, though average house prices have failed to recover from the most recent housing market crash and average prices across the city are around 13% lower than they were in 2007.

Bath also holds the somewhat unenviable distinction of being the fourth least affordable city in the UK, with house prices standing at around eight times average earnings. Only Oxford, Winchester and Truro are less affordable.

The average rate of annual house price inflation in Bath is around 5%, though this generalised figure does not give a true picture of the current state in the market.

For one thing, average annual house price inflation in outlying regions of the city is significantly lower and in certain inner city areas it is as high as 11%.

There are also certain factors, some of which are very particularistic to Bath, affecting the local housing market and making it increasingly difficult to make reliable assumptions based on generalised data. For instance, while the general trend affecting house prices is an upward one, there are areas of the city where prices are plummeting.

The Article 4 planning direction introduced by North East Somerset Council earlier in the year has led to a situation where residents living in student dominated areas are unable to sell their home and are forced to watch their home’s values tumble. The direction was introduced to combat the growing trend of certain streets becoming completely overrun by students living in houses of multiple occupation (HMO). However some streets, such as Lorne Road or Oldfield Park, are already so heavily populated by students that the only people interested in buying property there are buy to let landlords with the intention of renting the accommodation to students as HMO’s. The newly introduced article makes it extremely unlikely for people with properties not already existing as HMOs to get permission to convert them for such purposes. The result is that a number of local residents are effectively trapped in homes with no market. The undeniable strength of the local housing market as a whole is of little or no consequence to homeowners in such situations.

There are several separate plans to extensively revitalise the Riverside area of the city and introduce a new business hub in the form of a new innovation quarter in the area. The Western Riverside scheme alone will see the creation of a huge 70 acre mixed use development introduced over the next fifteen years. The Grand Parade and Undercroft project is due to get under way soon, with the first phase involving the reopening of the 17th century Colonnades next to Pulteney Weir. In combination, these developments are envisaged as providing almost three quarters of future growth in Bath. Hopefully, that may make property in the area more affordable for the ‘average’ house buyer.

Bath Culture & Attractions

The ancient and historic city of Bath is not only dripping in culture, with five major theatres, numerous museums, several art galleries and an unrivalled array of architecturally interesting buildings and structures, it is also the only place country where you can choose whether to bathe in a natural hot spring or an original Roman style bath. Bath’s several parks and green spaces, some of which date back to before the Victorian era, and the array of shops and entertainment venues in the city have all helped in the development of a highly successful and economically significant tourism industry. Bath also has a large student population and concomitantly vibrant nightlife.

Bath Tradition & History

Bath was famous for its hot springs for countless years before the Romans constructed the settlement of Aquae Sulis there in the first century. Sulis was the Goddess to whom the Britons had dedicated the shrines they constructed around the springs and whom the Romans identified with Minerva. The city is also renowned as the site of the Battle of Mons Badonicus, where King Arthur is said to have defeated the Saxons and was also the site of the Battle of Deorham, after which the West Saxons gained control of the area.

King Alfred entirely reformulated the layout of the city, the city rose against William Rufus in 1088, the first mayor was appointed in 1200 and Bath served as a major military post for the New Model Army after the garrison Charles I placed there threw open the gates of the city to the Parliamentarian forces.

Bath became a major leisure retreat in Stuart and Georgian times, when the city was extensively expanded and many of the surviving buildings were constructed. By the dawn of the 19th century Bath was one of the largest cities in the country and in spite of The Bath Blitz, which killed 400 people and damaged or destroyed over 19,000 buildings, and insensitive postwar reconstruction, Bath has maintained its position as one of the most often visited and beautiful cities in the country to this day.

National Homebuyers Bath

National Homebuyers are the market leading guaranteed house buying company in the UK and we are always interested in buying houses in Bath and the surrounding areas. National Homebuyers will buy your house in Bath directly from you for cash and in a timescale that is tailored to suit your needs. We buy any house in Bath, regardless of condition or location and we guarantee to say YES to buying your home in Bath. To find out how National Homebuyers can help you achieve a quick house sale, contact National Homebuyers’ Bath house buying team by telephone on 08000 443 911 or Request a Call Back icons located at the top of every page of our website or fill out our online form in order to get a cash offer from National Homebuyers to buy your house in Bath.