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Can you sell a house without a gas safety certificate?

If buying a house is largely about location, it can feel that selling is mainly documentation. But while some is required by law, other paperwork will just help you to get a better price. So, can you sell a house without a gas safety certificate? And what about a boiler certificate?


What’s a gas safety certificate? 

A gas safety certificate is issued annually after an inspection by a registered engineer, who will check for potential hazards from leaks or carbon monoxide. For it to be valid, you’ll need to make sure the inspection is carried out by someone on the Gas Safe Register.

The tests will include checking the pipework around the property, checking the tightness and connections. And they’ll also test for carbon monoxide, which you can’t see, taste of smell, and can have fatal consequences. Vents will also be inspected, and there should also be a check for good air circulation, and that any harmful gases are exiting the property.

While it’s not required for a gas safety certificate, fitting a carbon monoxide detector is also a good idea to keep yourself safe if a problem occurs between annual checks. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can feel like a cold or hangover, so it’s easy to ignore until the situation becomes serious. And around 60 people die each year in England and Wales from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

Each annual inspection will cost around £60, and can potentially highlight issues which will be more expensive to resolve in the future. The cost will increase if you have multiple gas appliances, but is usually included in any maintenance and breakdown cover.


Can you legally sell a house without a gas safety certificate?

The current UK law under The Gas Safety Regulations of 1998 requires a certificate for any property offering accommodation, which is why it’s sometimes also called a landlord’s gas safety check. Penalties for not having a valid certificate as a landlord include fines, imprisonment and the risk of criminal charges in the event of an accident.

But it’s not a legal requirement to have a valid gas safety certificate if you’re selling your home, whether or not you previously had tenants living there. This also applies to gas boiler safety certificates.

However, it’s recommended that any homeowner with gas appliances has a check every 12 months just for their own safety. And you might find potential buyers will ask for previous safety records and certificates. They may ask a seller to carry out a check as a condition of the sale, or have one carried out on their behalf to ensure there are no expensive fixes or alterations required.

So, it’s perfectly legal to sell a house without a gas safety certificate, but at a cost of £60 it can help to market your property and complete a sale. Alternatively, you can get a quick and simple cash offer from us rather than having to organise an inspection.


What’s a boiler installation certificate?

You might not have to pause a sale due to the lack of a gas safety certificate. But you can’t legally sell a property without the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate, which is the formal name for a boiler installation certificate.

This is issued by the Gas Safety Register when gas is first installed at your property, allowing the local authority to be informed the installation complies with all necessary regulations. 

If you can’t find your boiler installation certificate, you’ll need to apply for a new one via the Gas Safe Register. You can order a duplicate copy of your Building Regulations Compliance Certificate online, or by calling them on 08004085500, and it will cost you £6.


Can you legally sell a house without a boiler installation certificate?

Unlike the annual gas safety check, it’s impossible to sell your home without the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. If you can’t find the original paperwork, you’ll need to order a replacement as soon as possible to avoid holding up the completion process.

And that applies to private homeowners as well as landlords. So, it’s worth organising when you first decide to sell your property, rather than waiting until it becomes a problem. 

Do this alongside other required paperwork when you’re selling your home, including the title deeds, Energy Performance Certificate, fixtures and fitting form TA10, property information form TA6 and offer acceptance.

And if you’re looking to sell your home quickly and without any hassle, why not get a fast valuation and cash offer from us, and potentially also get £1,000 towards your legal fees as well?

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