Does your house seem like a good deal for buyers?

How your property is advertised, how long it’s been on the market and its capacity for different lifestyles are all factors in how potential buyers may view your home, before they even think about viewing it.

Though demand for houses is high, buyers always want to get good value for money – and there are various ‘warning signs’ that they look for when browsing property sale websites such as Rightmove, or those of local estate agents. This can be very frustrating if you’re hoping sell your house fast.

If you’re using an estate agent and your house hasn’t attracted much interest, you might think about trying more than one… but to a buyer, this can look desperate and make them wonder why the house needs extra help to sell. Likewise, if your house has been on the market for a long time, buyers may wonder why it hasn’t sold sooner – leading them to either offer a lower price, or steer clear altogether.


Photographs also have a big impact on your house’s initial appeal to buyers. If an area of the house is excluded – such as a kitchen, bathroom or particular bedroom – people will wonder what’s wrong with it.

The same applies to the external view of the property, as not only does it seem suspicious if it’s missing from an advert, but also means that people can’t visualise living there or investing in it. Even if you think parts of your house are ugly, some buyers might not feel the same way and see the potential, instead – especially a UK house buying expert.

Finally, the description of your house can matter a great deal to buyers. Is your estate agent trying to con people into thinking it’s better than it is? This can be bad for your sale prospects, as if a buyer is expecting something superior, they’ll be disappointed upon viewing. Whereas if you’re honest, they might focus on other features instead. Words such as ‘deceptively spacious’ or ‘on the borders’ of a popular area can set alarm bells ringing.

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How antisocial neighbours can affect your house sale

If you have troublesome residents living next door or on your street, it can be so stressful that you decide to move elsewhere – but first you need to sell your home, and noisy or antisocial behaviour from neighbours can make this much harder.

In some cases, a personal dispute between two particular neighbours might make living alongside each other uncomfortable, which wouldn’t necessarily have an impact on a new resident. However, some streets are blighted with people who have no consideration for anyone else, creating an unreasonable amount of noise or other disruption.

As a seller, it’s often impossible to ignore this problem, as there may be visible or audible evidence when potential buyers visit – and it’s actually illegal to attempt to hide the issue. Agreed sales prices are often reduced once it becomes apparent that the house next door is problematic; and sometimes buyers decide to pull out of a sale altogether.


Even if the buyers themselves don’t ask about antisocial neighbours, if they appoint a surveyor to check the property before their purchase, the surveyor may notice things that they don’t. He or she may also visit at a different time of the day compared with when viewings were conducted, thus discovering an issue that wasn’t previously observed.

If you suspect it will be difficult to sell your home to an individual buyer due to inconsiderate and noisy neighbours, there are other options you can consider. A UK house buying expert or professional property buying agency can make you a cash offer for your property and won’t be put off by issues such as noise or other antisocial behaviours nearby.

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Can’t sell my house is part of a larger problem

Can’t sell my house issues are not just affecting the UK, according to experts. Careful research has concluded that UK trends concerning home prices have been found across Europe.

There is a lot more variation between different regions within the same country than between different countries. For example, London has seen similar price and sale trends to Paris. Within the UK, however, the impact of can’t sell my house issues vary among different areas. For example, Cornwall and Scotland have had a better experience than many areas of the UK outside of London. While sellers should not get overly excited, this may be a bit of a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy economic forecast. Any news that may signal a possible change should be considered positive.

On the subject of can’t sell my house issues, however, sellers should remember that local issues impacting sales prices in different regions have not been studied intensively. This can make it a bit difficult for those selling property to determine whether they need to wait, make improvements to their houses to get a better value, or go ahead and try to sell anyway. One of the most important things that experts urge is to not seek an overly simplistic solution. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to this particular problem, and sellers are advised to still be careful in their dealings.

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