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Prominent estate agent gives profit warning

3 May, 2019

Shareholders have found themselves reeling from an announcement that Countrywide – the country’s largest estate agent – is due to miss its projected targets for Q1 2019 by up to £5m. With large numbers of estate agents closing their doors every month due to a slowing economy, Brexit anxiety and a lacklustre property market, it […]

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More House Sales Affected By Crime

17 April, 2019

New research claims that more than 29,000 house sales fall-through every year due to fears over local criminal activity. For as long as properties have been bought and sold, buyers who have the option will always state their preference to live in a low-crime area. This is obviously unsurprising considering many purchases are made by […]

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UK Property Construction At Lowest Point For 12 months

21 March, 2019

With only ten days to go before the UK leaves the EU without a deal, levels of house-building throughout the country have fallen to their lowest levels in over a year as construction companies opt to delay the start of projects. When David Cameron attempted to silence the Eurosceptics within Parliament in 2016 with a […]

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Sellers Despair As Market Favours Buyers

8 March, 2019

The property market has grown in favour of buyers in recent months as house price growth continues to be stifled by a lack of confidence over the UK’s economy in light of Brexit. As the UK gets closer to springtime, vendors who are looking to sell their house fast are often preparing their home for […]

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Estate Agencies Taking Advantage of Desperate Sellers

19 February, 2019

Due to falling profits, greedy estate agents have been charging desperate fees as high as £7,000 to sell their homes. Sometimes, a homeowner needs to sell their home fast, and if the need to secure a sale overrides the need to profit from the home in question, they can inadvertently open themselves up to a […]

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House Prices Hit New Low

6 February, 2019

With the Brexit deadline looming, the property market is continuing its downward trend as buyers continue to gain the upper-hand over sellers. Industry experts are warning those that are hoping to sell their house fast to prepare themselves for lower-than-expected offers after the latest House Price Index was published by Nationwide this month. The press […]

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First Time HomeBuyers

Market Stalls As First-Time Buyer Sales Fall

19 January, 2019

Just before the new year, Haart – the UK’s largest independent lettings and estate agent – released data related to the final quarter of 2018 – and the news isn’t great for the property industry. When the government cut stamp duty for first-time buyers in 2017, the government assumed that this would spur an influx […]

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Shock as rental costs increase by 345% in 18 years

3 January, 2019

For many Brits today, the dream of owning a home continues to slip away as their income is eaten up by every-rising rental rates while the houses they dream of buying become increasingly unaffordable as values continue to rise. In days gone by, renting instead of purchasing a home had a number of benefits, including […]

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Brexit warning: expect lower sales and housing values into 2019

19 December, 2018

With only 100 days until the deadline for Brexit expires, a new report by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) warns sellers and agents alike to prepare for a difficult market throughout 2019. In a survey carried out in November this year, surveyors from across the UK are extremely pessimistic regarding the future of […]

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Housing market crash as Brexit hits home

5 December, 2018

After a tumultuous few weeks of negotiations, the reality of Brexit and how it will affect the UK economy if we leave the EU without a deal has led to the worst sales slump in the housing market since 2012. When the Brexit referendum was announced, many saw it as an attempt by then PM […]

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Northern House Prices Predicted To Soar

20 November, 2018

After years of price rises fuelling the southern property market, the introduction of new lending rules combined with more attractive northern propositions are due to turn the North-South divide upside down, according to Savills. In a shocking new forecast released by real estate advisor Savills, homes in the north are expected to see their values […]

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Brexit housing market

Shock As Mortgage Approvals Down By Ten Per Cent

8 November, 2018

New figures published by UK Finance have painted a worrying picture for the future of the housing market, as mortgage approvals continue to fall. In September this year, the number of mortgages successfully applied for fell by 10.1% versus 12 months ago. As fears over a no-deal Brexit loom, approvals have now fallen for three […]

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House & Dice on Scales

We are about to face the worst recession in almost 100 years

17 October, 2018

As consumer spending continues to slow, financial analysts predict that the upcoming global recession could lead to a downturn in the UK economy on par with the Great Depression. Since the mid-1950s, recessions have brought the UK economy to its knees with staggering regularity. Regardless of their cause, these recessions have forced thousands of ordinary […]

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How Long Will It Take To Sell Your Home?

Leasehold property owners just can’t sell…

3 October, 2018

As the dark truth behind leasehold properties continues to be exposed through lawsuits and government initiatives, homeowners lacking freehold status are finding out that their property is impossible to sell. The house buying process is extremely stressful for the majority of people – and in the midst of all the stress, it can be easy […]

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House Prices Down

Panic as house prices crash at fastest rate for years

19 September, 2018

As the UK edges towards the deadline for striking a deal with Brussels regarding it’s exit from the EU, Nationwide has issued a stark warning for the future of the nation’s housing market. At the beginning of the month, the Office for National Statistics determined that house prices were falling at their fastest rate since […]

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‘No fault’ evictions are to blame for rising levels of homelessness

6 September, 2018

As landlords take advantage of ‘no fault’ clauses in rental agreements, tenants are finding themselves priced out of their homes when their rental term comes to an end. It’s no secret that rising rental rates have been a big factor in preventing tenants from saving up for a deposit to buy their own house. Over […]

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Fresh nightmare for sellers as the ONS releases its latest affordability figures

16 August, 2018

The latest statistics regarding the affordability of a home for a first-time buyer in the UK highlight the growing gap between house prices and wages. To highlight the difference between average sold house prices and average wages, the Office of National Statistics has, for many years now, used the “affordability ratio” to illustrate the state […]

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New report details the worrying state of the UK housing market

31 July, 2018

A new report has provided more evidence that the housing market is stagnant and experts within the industry believe that there is little chance of recovery in the near future. Newly released data from HMRC has shown that house sale completions were down by 5.7% in June versus the previous year. Even more worrying is […]

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Estate agent group Countrywide on the brink of collapse

19 July, 2018

As industry woes continue for large numbers of estate agents, the UK’s largest agency group Countrywide have seen their shares fall to an all-time low. Just over a decade ago prior to the economic downturn, estate agents across the country found themselves in a constant state of elation as sub-prime mortgages saw large numbers of […]

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Single first-time buyers need a decade of savings to fund a deposit

3 July, 2018

A new report has found that single first-time buyers need to save for over ten years to finance a deposit for a mortgage, making it harder for sellers in starter homes to find a buyer. In recent years, it has become clear to both vendors and estate agents that finding a buyer for a starter […]

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UK lending continues to increase thanks to ‘bank of mum and dad’

19 June, 2018

Lending has continued to increase year on year, but closer scrutiny reveals that this rise may not be the result of a stronger market. New data released by the trade association UK Finance has shown that there was an 13% increase in lending during April compared to the year before. Whilst this may appear to […]

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UK housing market continues to weaken

7 June, 2018

A new blog report by the Office of National Statistics has delivered further bad news regarding the state of the UK property market as a result of various legislative changes and Brexit insecurity. The property market has continued its woeful performance this month with news that house price growth in the capital has hit its […]

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Government vows to keep rogue estate agents in check

16 May, 2018

In an effort to keep rogue estate agents in check, the government is proposing legislation for all businesses to require a professional qualification, while simultaneously introducing guidelines that could help the house-buying process become more transparent. As of 2018, there are currently over 20,000 estate agents operating in the UK. This is somewhat unsurprising considering […]

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RICS warns of reduced demand for housing in 2018

2 May, 2018

With lower levels of borrowing, combined with reduced activity within the property market, sellers are being warned that the days of high asking prices may be numbered. As the UK heads towards what is usually considered a period of heightened activity within the property market, vendors who are looking for a fast house sale are […]

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Foreign buyers having a marked effect on UK home ownership levels

18 April, 2018

As a result of increased foreign investment in the UK property market over the last 20 years, house values have risen considerably and prevented younger Brits from being able to buy a house themselves. Buying a home in the UK is not an easy task for those in the younger generations, with house prices increasing […]

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London house prices continue to plummet

4 April, 2018

In the wake of the Brexit referendum, the apprehension felt by the majority of Londoners regarding the decision to leave the European Union appears to be well founded based on new data released by Hometrack. While many other of areas of the UK have, so far, managed to escape the negative outcomes that so many […]

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House values continue to plummet amid Brexit fears

22 March, 2018

New market research from Halifax has shown that the continuing uncertainty surrounding the UK’s relationship with the EU is having a worrying effect on London house prices. If you’re one of the many homeowners within the UK looking to sell your house fast, you may be asking yourself “how much are properties in my area?” […]

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House price growth ‘locking out’ middle earners

8 March, 2018

With home-ownership becoming an increasingly exclusive club, a new study has found that even those lucky enough to be considered middle-earners are being locked out of the housing market. The last 20 years have seen a consistent growth in house prices, while average wages have only increased at a seventh of the rate in the […]

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Mortgage sales continue to drop throughout UK

21 February, 2018

A new report from Equifax Touchstone has left many industry leaders on edge after finding that mortgage sales dropped by 38% from November to December. After a tumultuous year for the property industry, the final month delivered news that many within the industry would have preferred to avoid. While December is expected to usher in […]

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Estate agents pressuring buyers to use overpriced in-house services

7 February, 2018

A new report has shown that one in four buyers felt obliged to use an estate agent’s in-house services over personally-sourced independent alternatives. Individuals who browse the market with the intention of buying often forget about the additional costs associated with a purchase. From conveyancing and mortgage brokerage, to various utility and property searches, it […]

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First time buyer deposits to rise to £81k within a decade

17 January, 2018

Analysts believe that owning a home is becoming an increasingly exclusive club as the amount needed for a deposit continues to rise, despite government promises to the contrary. For younger generations, the dream of owning a house of their own has faded greatly over the last 20 years. Since the turn of the millennium, house […]

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Estate agents warned over false advertising

4 January, 2018

Estate agents across the country are finding themselves at the mercy of both the ACA and CAP for not disclosing additional fees to clients as well as inaccurately describing their listed properties. Estate agents have long suffered from the stigma of dishonesty. Whether or not this stigma is deserved en masse remains to be proven, […]

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Application Denied

Fears rise over the future of the market as mortgage approvals fall

20 December, 2017

According to the trading body UK Finance, mortgage approvals across the UK have hit their lowest level in 13 months – sparking fears that the housing market could be headed for a sharp decline. In his Autumn Budget, the chancellor stated that the Tory-led government would be taking steps to encourage new buyers to join […]

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Autumn Budget 2017: how will it affect the property industry?

6 December, 2017

With the continuing housing crisis casting a shadow over Hammond’s Budget – the chancellor hopes to alleviate the fears held by many prospective home buyers. Philip Hammond, the current Chancellor of the Exchequer laid out his plans on November 22nd to aid the struggling property industry via a series of radical changes to the rules […]

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UK housing market appears to stall amid increase in interest rates

15 November, 2017

With the decision made to increase interest rates, buyers and sellers appear unlikely to enjoy the continuing financial respite necessary for the housing market to recover. Despite the fact that the economic crisis occurred over ten years ago, as a nation, we are still feeling the aftershocks. With the economy beginning to stall in 2007, […]

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House Prices Set to Fall as Consumer Confidence Nosedives

1 November, 2017

With growing public concern that house prices could fall in the near future, vendors who need to sell are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. The latest figures released by Halifax from their house price optimism index have painted a worrying picture for those who are looking to sell their house fast. […]

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Vendors opting to remortgage rather than sell

18 October, 2017

With interest rates increasing, vendors are choosing to remortgage their homes as opposed to selling – causing a slump in the number of homes being bought and sold. In the wake of the financial crisis of 2007, homeowners have enjoyed low monthly repayments thanks to reduced interest rates. However, with fears growing that the market […]

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Falling asking prices spark panic among vendors

4 October, 2017

The postcode lottery continues for many homeowners thinking about selling in the near future as asking prices across the country take a further hit. New figures released by online property giant Rightmove have painted a worrying picture for those who need to sell their house fast as the expected autumn spike in prices has failed […]

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Increasing average house prices spell trouble for less desirable areas

20 September, 2017

As younger generations urge the government to find a way to lower house prices, research by the online estate agent eMoov has shown that the affordability gap between wages and property is continuing to widen. The postcode lottery that is the property market has maintained its grip on whether or not potential buyers can afford […]

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ACA finds more online estate agencies’ claims to be dishonest

6 September, 2017

In a further blow to the reputation of the online estate agency industry, the advertising watchdog has cast its critical eye towards market leaders Purplebricks and Housesimple, for making misleading claims regarding their services. As more house sellers find themselves moving towards online as opposed to high street estate agencies in a bid to save […]

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Estate agent’s profits slashed as economy woes continue

16 August, 2017

A new study by accounting firm Moore Stephens has found that one in five estate agencies in the UK are feeling the strain of a weakening economy, as industry leaders Countrywide and Foxtons also see profits slump. Almost 14 months on from the Brexit referendum, and it appears that many of the fears voiced by […]

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Leaseholds to be banned on new-build homes

2 August, 2017

With outdated laws still being used to unfairly profit from homeowners who pay ground rent, the government is taking action to prevent new developments from being classified as leasehold. In the days of feudal law, land ownership dictated power. Those who wished to make a living from the land but lacked the necessary resources to […]

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Number of house sales continues to fall

19 July, 2017

While the country continues its trajectory through turbulent times – with the Brexit negotiations, the surge of the Labour party and a lack of new-build homes – the total number of houses sold is continuing to fall year-on-year. It’s been a decade since the last major financial crisis in living memory, and according to recent […]

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Number of tenants on the rise – so does that mean fewer buyers?

5 July, 2017

New research by a prominent estate agent has found that the number of households having to rent rather than own is set to rise by over 20 per cent over the next five years. In days gone by, choosing to rent a property over buying a home was a preference for many for a variety […]

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Changes to landlord tax affecting UK property owners

21 June, 2017

  Due to financial relief changes by the Tory government that came into force in April, landlords are finding themselves having to pay up to three times more taxes than before. For many years, many government officials have blamed the wealth of landlords for buying up cheap homes and thereby preventing prospective first-time buyers from […]

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GE2017: What’s the future of the housing crisis?

7 June, 2017

  With a narrow Tory win on the cards and repeated U-turns over housing plans, some industry experts are concerned about how the UK will cope with a further five years of Conservative rule. When Theresa May called for a snap election in April, it was widely viewed as a strategic act of capitalising upon […]

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Housebuilding firms accused of purposefully inflating prices

17 May, 2017

  With a monopoly over the housebuilding market, larger firms have been accused by MPs of ‘landbanking’ in an effort to keep prices high. With a quarter of all new-build homes in the UK in 2015 built by just three companies, MPs believe that the dominance of Persimmon, Taylor Wimpey and Barratt may be fuelling […]

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First-time buyers face further woes

3 May, 2017

  As new-build housing continues to fall behind government targets, first-time buyers are facing additional issues as a result of foreign investment competition. The difficulties involved in the house buying process for first-time buyers have been well established due to the ever-widening gap between house prices and wages. In an effort to remedy the disparity, […]

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Polling station - sell your house fast

How will the UK General Election and French election affect the housing market?

19 April, 2017

Property professionals are currently holding their breath regarding the future of the UK economy, thanks to the dramatic calling of a snap election by PM Theresa May and the impending result of the French election, along with its implications for the EU. The two standout events of 2016 that shocked the world of politics are […]

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Brexit housing market

Worries over Brexit and the shortfall in planned new-builds

5 April, 2017

While many pro-Brexit campaigners are heralding the move by Theresa May to trigger Article 50, the more apprehensive pro-remain supporters are worried about the effect of lower immigration levels on the UK housing industry. Experts believe the number of homes planned to be constructed across the country is woefully inadequate for the growing population, despite […]

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Estate agents found to be inflating asking prices to lure in vendors

15 March, 2017

A new study has found that vendors using estate agents are often having to reduce their asking prices as well as suffer an extended period on the market due to ‘greedy’ businessmen who quote unrealistic figures. Estate agents, in an effort to secure new clients, have been overvaluing properties before placing them on the market […]

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House Prices Down

Market confidence drops as homes take longer to sell

1 March, 2017

A new study has suggested that a slowdown in the housing market is on its way, as economic uncertainty and a lack of consumer confidence predict an 11 per cent decline in transactions. According to new research by The Times, experts within the property industry believe that market stagnation could lie ahead, as many vendors […]

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The regional division of negative equity in property

22 February, 2017

Almost ten years has passed since the recession – and it seems that homeowners in the north, particularly those who bought with interest-only mortgages, are facing a difficult future. In 2009, the financial crisis saw the value of homes come crashing down. Prior to the crisis, prices had skyrocketed – leading many to believe that […]

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Estate agents seeking ‘pre-contract deposits’ from buyers

8 February, 2017

Various estate agencies have come under fire for demanding additional fees from buyers to demonstrate their commitment to purchasing a property. While in theory this may seem like a good way to ensure a buyer doesn’t back out of the purchase at the last second; in reality, there have been horrified reactions. It seems that […]

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Does London property face a stagnant future?

25 January, 2017

Between Brexit, the HS2 rail link and an ever-widening margin between property values and wages, affordable properties in the capital are a rarity – and times are getting tough for sellers. For decades, the London market has been a sound investment for potential homeowners, with phenomenal year-on-year value increases and high-paying jobs aplenty. Nevertheless, prior […]

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British exit of EU

House prices continue to rise despite Brexit fears

18 January, 2017

The future looks rosy for some homeowners across the country, as house prices skyrocket due to property shortages, a low numbers of new-builds and low interest rates. But what about those in less popular locations? Fortunately, property buying companies like National Homebuyers are keener than ever to help achieve fast sales for everyone. It’s been […]

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How will 2017 shape up for the housing market?

3 January, 2017

With a dramatic 12 months of turmoil within the industry finally over, can vendors and their prospective buyers afford to be optimistic for 2017? For the majority of people who hoped for a fast house sale in 2016, the year itself seemed to go from bad to worse, as uncertainty regarding the future of the […]

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Looking back: The property market in 2016

28 December, 2016

With 2017 just around the corner, we take a brief look at the events that have affected the housing market and shaped one of the most eventful years in recent history. For many, 2016 is a year they would rather forget. With an inconceivable number of well-loved celebrities passing on, the UK voting to leave […]

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Are help-to-buy schemes harming the property market?

13 December, 2016

With the government implementing a number of proposals over recent years to incentivise property sales for first-time buyers, a top economist is alleging that these schemes are doing more harm than good. Over the last few years the government has introduced a range of policies, with the aim of helping those experiencing financial hardship to […]

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Outlook for Scotland’s property market gets bleaker

6 December, 2016

After 18 months, the effectiveness of the LBTT scheme implemented by Hollyrood in April 2015 has started to come into question, with industry professionals warning that 2017 could bring suffering as a result. The changes to UK stamp duty made by George Osborne earlier in 2016 have been well documented in the media; and criticised […]

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The Only Way is Essex – Brentwood Becomes The UK’s Top Property Hotspot

5 December, 2016

Brentwood has become the UK’s newest property hotspot. This town located in the county of Essex has a population of 49,463 and is most famous for the TV program The Only Way Is Essex. According to new research by buying agents Garrington Property Finders, using Land Registry data, house prices in Brentwood have risen 16% […]

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private house sale description

Broadband speed is a growing concern for vendors

29 November, 2016

As we move to online streaming from traditional broadcasting and favour online shopping over supermarkets, a fast broadband connection has become an important feature for potential homeowners – and therefore those wanting to sell to them. For decades, the term ‘location, location, location’ has been a key consideration for potential home buyers perusing properties on […]

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Thorne Island 2

Remote Island with its own Napoleonic fort up for sale

25 November, 2016

A remote 19th Century Napoleonic fort off the Pembrokeshire coast in the UK has come onto the market for offer over £550,000 . This fort was originally built between 1852 and 1854 as one of three sea defences to protect Pembroke Dock from the French and was a hotel in the 1980s and 90s. The […]

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Are the Tories failing the UK housing market?

22 November, 2016

As housing costs rise for both renters and owners, some quarters are seeing a growing level of hostility towards the Tory-led government, as those on lower incomes find themselves priced out of the housing market. In the 1950s, under post-war austerity measures and a towering debt that was 200% of the GDP, Tory PM Harold […]

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Budget 2016

London property market may benefit as Trump wins US election

15 November, 2016

As international markets acclimatise to the news that the former Apprentice reality star is to become the next US President, London-based estate agents are seeing an opportunity for foreign investment. When the votes came in almost a week ago declaring Donald Trump as the new President of the United States, the Canadian immigration and citizenship […]

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Rent payments set to skyrocket over next five years

8 November, 2016

As the uncertainty of Brexit continues, expert forecasts indicate that the next five years will see a large disparity between house prices rises and rental payments, potentially slowing the UK housing market. Over the last 15 years, the growing margin between the monthly payments made by those who rent versus those who repay mortgages has […]

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house price inflation

House price inflation hits lowest growth level

7 November, 2016

According to the latest Halifax House Price Index UK house price inflation is currently at its lowest yearly growth rate since July 2013 (4.6%). House prices in the three months to October were 5.2%, which compared to the 5.8% it was in September this year continues to show the downward trend which has occurred over […]

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‘Hard Brexit’ blamed for rising prices and stagnant market

1 November, 2016

With a ‘hard Brexit’ on the cards, the construction industry is facing a shortage of workers, pushing up house prices and making them unaffordable for potential buyers – according to a new study. As Theresa May begins to negotiate the UK’s exit from the European Union, fears are growing regarding the effect of a ‘hard […]

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Property sales slowing due to lack of new builds

25 October, 2016

With a reduction in new homes being built, house prices are shooting up – and as older generations lose interest in downsizing, first-time buyers are finding themselves unable to afford a home. Despite previous government efforts to increase the number of new homes being built across the country, the scheme is still falling way behind […]

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Estate agents told to ‘raise standards’ after new TPO report

18 October, 2016

With an ever-increasing number of registered offices, complaints have skyrocketed against devious estate agents who are failing to follow The Property Ombudsman’s code of conduct – and there’s now immense pressure for change. At the beginning of 2016, Ipsos MORI released its survey of the most trusted professions in the UK – a survey that […]

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‘Accidental’ landlords are hoarding homes

11 October, 2016

Older homeowners are find themselves ‘hoarding’ previous residences to let out, largely due to huge price increases during the housing boom. When people hear the word ‘hoarding’, they often get an image in their head of an elderly person who refuses to throw anything away and move on with their lives. And now, the London […]

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‘Portal juggling’ banned by The Property Ombudsman

4 October, 2016

Industry regulators are cracking down on devious estate agents who manipulate the house-buying public through online property portals, as new codes of conduct are introduced. While the prevalence of online portals for selling homes has made it easier for potential buyers to find their dream homes – as well as making it easier for estate […]

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High loan-to-value mortgages dry up for first-time buyers

20 September, 2016

With the number of low-deposit mortgages available to first-time buyers dwindling, analysts fear the knock-on effect will cause a slowdown in the property market. In the wake of the Brexit vote, lenders have been seemingly optimistic regarding the health of the UK’s housing market. With low mortgage rates, lenders are reporting an increase in borrowing […]

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Are estate agents falsely advertising your home?

13 September, 2016

Estate agents throughout the UK are failing to comply with the Housing Act by advertising homes as having multiple bedrooms, even if some are unfit for purpose – which can lead to legal action. In 1985, the Housing Act was introduced to avoid properties becoming overcrowded, as well as ensuring that properties bought and sold […]

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House-buying ‘anxiety’ at highest level for 40 years

6 September, 2016

With an increasing number of factors affecting the housing market, anxiety levels are beginning to affect the industry’s buoyancy. The Ipsos Mori Issues Index is used to track the public’s feedback regarding important societal factors and their link to stress – and, this month, housing has risen to the fifth most stressful issue facing the […]

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London vendors begin to ‘panic sell’ as housing inflation slows

30 August, 2016

While the wider UK property market appears to be holding steady since the Brexit vote, London is facing a free fall. More than two months have passed since the UK voted to leave the EU and, so far, the fallout has not been as much of a disaster in the financial and property markets as […]

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First-time buyer numbers dipping as deposits become unaffordable

23 August, 2016

With interest rates cut to historically low levels, first time buyers are seeing their attempts to save for a deposit being stymied while their potential mortgage rates are increased, preventing many from buying a house. When the Bank of England cut interest rates this summer in order to make lending cheaper, it was hoped that […]

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Post-Brexit effects should be more certain by September

16 August, 2016

With an unsure future, experts look to a leading estate agency’s research to gain a better outlook for the country’s housing market. For almost two months, property selling experts have been trying to estimate the knock-on effects from the EU referendum at the end of June. Many have postulated that the likely outcome will be […]

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More research showing slowdown in house price growth

9 August, 2016

With the housing market showing signs of a slowdown, misery is being compounded by new research showing a drop of 1% in house prices since the Brexit vote. Figures released by Halifax, one of the nation’s biggest lenders, have shown a drop in property values of 1% during the month of July. While it claims […]

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Decline in buyer interest signals slump for housing market

2 August, 2016

With an eventful 2016 now entering its third quarter, confidence in the property market is slowly decreasing – and with an unclear future ahead, those looking to sell are finding themselves in an increasingly tenuous position. As 2016 continues to fuel uncertainty across the housing markets thanks to the stamp duty hike and the Brexit […]

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Could rental hikes reduce the number of potential buyers?

26 July, 2016

With the impending clampdown on landlords and buy-to-let mortgages, rental costs are due to skyrocket despite the recent Brexit impact – making it even harder for renters to afford a deposit for a house. With the increase in stamp duty in April, many landlords were scrambling to complete on buy-to-let mortgages during the month of […]

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New-build sales soar as private sellers begin to worry

19 July, 2016

Two of the largest house builders in the country have claimed that their sales actually increased in the run up to the Brexit vote, while asking prices have been falling for private sellers. It was widely envisaged by industry professionals that all aspects of the property market would suffer if the UK voted to leave […]

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Outrage at privatisation plans for Land Registry

14 July, 2016

With the nation currently focused on fallout from the Brexit vote, several controversial issues affecting homeowners are being considered by the government to reduce the national deficit. It can’t have been easy being George Osborne in 2016 as he’s slowly but surely managed to antagonise every demographic across the entire county while still maintaining his […]

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London house prices could fall as much as 40%

12 July, 2016

In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, many homeowners in London are looking for a fast house sale before the value of their property plummets too far. With a slew of varying opinions hitting the headlines since the referendum, it is easy to see why those looking to sell their home are beginning to feel […]

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House purchases on ice as consumer confidence plummets

5 July, 2016

After the shocking result of the Brexit referendum, consumers are applying the brakes to all non-essential purchases – including homes – as uncertainty spreads across the country.

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Brexit: How will the UK property market fare outside of the EU?

26 June, 2016

Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, many are beginning to question the consequences for financial institutions, as well as the property market. So does Brexit spell doom for those looking to sell their homes? The Leave-vs-Remain debate has been one the most divisive issues in modern British political history, with campaigners […]

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Buy-to-let is still an attractive investment

14 June, 2016

Despite the 3% stamp duty rise in April, experts say buy-to-let is still seen as an attractive investment by landlords, continuing to edge out potential private buyers regardless of government efforts.

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Government hopes to sell 23,500 council homes

7 June, 2016

With a property market already filled with properties failing to sell, the planned mass-selling of high-value council homes by the government could make it harder for private sellers – while also depriving low-income families of the chance of affordable housing.

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Experts wonder if UK house prices have reached their limit

31 May, 2016

With the stamp duty rise past, and the looming Brexit vote ahead, the property industry is speculating about a drop in value for housing across the UK, as potential buyers hold back on purchasing a home. “The houses are there, but no one is buying” – that’s the growing consensus amongst UK property selling experts […]

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Could Brexit lead to falling house prices?

24 May, 2016

In the face of a potential exit from the EU, estate agents believe that if ‘leave’ campaigners get their way, almost £26.5bn could be wiped off the UK property market by 2018. For many, the forthcoming vote on June 23rd regarding the UK’s possible exit from the European Union is an issue of immigration control […]

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Gazumping may soon be a thing of the past

17 May, 2016

Plans to ensure both buyers and sellers enter legally binding agreements earlier in negotiations could benefit buyers hugely, but leave vendors in a less promising position.

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A sign of the times – first-time buyers and the 40-year mortgage

10 May, 2016

Due to the growing disparity between wage levels and property prices, many first-time buyers are forced to take out longer and longer mortgages to get on the property ladder. It was only 30 years ago that taking out a mortgage with a term of longer than 25 years drew gasps from the majority of homeowners. […]

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‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’ is funding a quarter of all property purchases

3 May, 2016

Younger buyers are becoming increasingly dependent on their parents and relatives to help them buy a house – but the number of affluent parents capable of helping their offspring could start to decrease, as house prices continue to get higher. Over the last 20 years, the widening gap between the increase in wages and property […]

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Estate agents accused of ‘juggling’ properties on online portals

26 April, 2016

Some UK property agencies are under fire for repeatedly relisting unsold homes on portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, in an effort to improve their reputation and hide information from potential buyers. The rise of property portals on the internet has been a blessing and a curse for many estate agents. Smaller agencies have been […]

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New figures suggest slowdown in housing market ahead of Brexit vote

19 April, 2016

With the upcoming referendum in June regarding the UK’s position within Europe, following on from buy-to-let stamp duty shockwaves, the housing market is facing its greatest slowdown in over a year according to new polls by RICS and Halifax.

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Buy-to-let mortgage rates slashed in effort to encourage potential landlords

13 April, 2016

As stamp duty rates increase, those with available capital are taking advantage of the price war between lenders offering low mortgage rates for buy-to-let fixed rate mortgages, giving landlords more reason to invest. When George Osborne introduced a hike in stamp duty for those looking to purchase a second home, many UK property buying experts […]

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Stamp duty rise comes into effect as estate agents’ phones fall silent

11 April, 2016

With the cost of stamp duty across the UK rising from 1 April, estate agents have enjoyed a record first quarter – but now that the deadline has passed, the market may be facing a slump. When George Osborne announced plans to increase stamp duty for those purchasing a second property through buy-to-let mortgages, many […]

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Younger commuters struggle as capital costs spiral upwards

4 April, 2016

With increasing living costs and huge annual bills for commuting to and within London, younger workers and first-time buyers are finding themselves seeking residence and work elsewhere – but how affordable are property prices? London has always been regarded as the priciest area of the UK for home ownership and as prices increase, even commuters […]

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Property ownership for millennials may be a pipe dream

29 March, 2016

The dreams of owning a house are slowly evaporating for prospective UK homebuyers, with younger generations facing a lifetime of instability thanks to increased prices, according to a recent study. A poll carried out by Ipsos MORI has found that 74% of those aged 25-34 believe it is harder for them to put down roots […]

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House sales down 2% over 12 months – but prices continue to rise

16 March, 2016

A recent report from Hometrack’s UK Cities House Price index has shown a average slowdown of 2% in sales across the country, with several cities exhibiting a shocking 20% drop versus the previous year. Those looking to sell their home fast during 2016 are facing an uphill battle to find buyers in a difficult year […]

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Are mortgages excluding older buyers from the property market?

9 March, 2016

Over a third of mortgage brokers have reported a sharp rise in those over 40 being rejected for a mortgage, according to claims in a new report by Nottingham Building Society.

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Britain’s largest estate agency sees huge decline in annual profits

1 March, 2016

Countrywide has announced a 40% drop in profits over the last year, which has been blamed on a market slowdown and increased competition from online rivals. Property selling experts are examining the future role of high street estate agents after Countrywide, the country’s largest agency, announced a 40% drop in profits during 2015 when compared […]

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Are house prices going up? Mixed forecasts and the market impact

23 February, 2016

New figures released by Santander forecast a huge increase in property prices across the country by 2030, while income levels fail to grow comparatively, causing worries for buyers and sellers alike.

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£50k rent bill uncovered by new research into house costs

16 February, 2016

According to figures released by the Association of Residential Lettings Agents, the average first-time buyer will have spent over £50,000 in rental fees before purchasing a home. As the average cost of living increases, the age at which a first-time buyer has saved enough for a deposit has risen from 23 in the 1960s to […]

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Lower-price-bracket housing demand could challenge first-time buyers in Scotland

9 February, 2016

The forthcoming hike in stamp duty in April, aimed at opening up the market to private house buyers, may have the opposite effect according to leading landlord and property organisations.

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Competition increases for UK property sellers as landlords flood the market

2 February, 2016

In an effort to avoid the forthcoming increase in stamp duty, landlords are collectively unburdening their portfolios from small homes – and the huge influx is likely to drive down prices. Those looking to sell their homes in early 2016 are facing increased competition as landlords are due to saturate the market looking for a […]

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Finding it hard to trust your estate agent? You’re not alone

27 January, 2016

A new poll from Ipsos Mori has found public trust in estate agents to be at an all-time low, outranking only politicians and government ministers – with much of the disapproval coming from older generations.

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Increasing house prices lead to slow-down in market

20 January, 2016

House prices in the UK have risen sharply in recent years, according to a new report from Halifax, leaving first-time buyers needing an ever-increasing deposit to gain a foothold on the property ladder. Despite efforts by the government to make it easier to purchase a first home, potential UK home buyers are finding themselves priced […]

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Are rent increases pricing potential buyers out of the market?

12 January, 2016

Market analysts are forecasting a slowdown in the property market as a result of recent government legislation, as steadily increasing rent prices are expected to hamper efforts by potential buyers to raise the necessary funds to purchase a house. According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), tougher taxes on buy-to-let properties will cause […]

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New housing and planning bill generates deep concerns

6 January, 2016

As the Conservative government’s housing and planning bill reaches Report Stage in Westminster today, numerous social commentators and property experts have expressed substantial worries about its potentially ‘disastrous’ impact on the UK’s housing market.

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First-time buyers priced out of London property market despite support

16 December, 2015

A recent analysis by Savills has shown that first-time buyers are unable to afford homes in London, even when assisted by government help-to-buy schemes – and still have to rely on higher levels of savings. In a city where typical house prices and wage levels are already 66% higher than the national average, the continued […]

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Lower levels of home ownership spell out difficult future for housing market

9 December, 2015

Years of increased regulation mean the UK now ranks fourth from bottom in Europe for home ownership – which could mean challenging times ahead for sellers, pressing them to explore alternative ways to sell their property. After a steady increase in home ownership towards the tail-end of the last century, the UK is now thought […]

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House prices to rise by only 4% in 2016

4 December, 2015

Halifax, the UK mortgage lender, has announced today that UK house prices will rise by between 4% and 6% in 2016. This shows a slowing down of house prices compared to 2015 when the growth rate was around 10% which was a lot higher then expected. Halifax housing economist Martin Ellis said “House prices look […]

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UK Government Unveils Bold Plan to Tackle Housing Crisis

3 December, 2015

In an effort to tackle the “crisis of home ownership” in the UK property market, the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has pledged 7billion to tackle the chronic shortage of homes. The Chancellor has been quoted as saying: ‘And I am clear: in this Spending Review, we choose housing. Above all, we choose homes […]

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Estate agents lose interest in slow-selling homes

2 December, 2015

If a property has been on the market for more than 14 days, estate agents are less likely to put effort into selling it. That’s according to a recent survey in which more than 2,000 sellers were polled about their experiences.

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Council house sales mean more choice for buyers

25 November, 2015

Recent statistics show that sales of council homes under the right-to-buy scheme are now higher than they were before the recession, having doubled over the last two years. Figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government reveal that 12,304 council tenants bought their homes between 2014 and 2015, representing a big increase from only […]

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Jersey’s property prices at an all time high

19 November, 2015

It has been reported that house prices in Jersey have now recovered since they dropped due to the 2008 recession. Property prices in Jersey have now hit a seven-year high. The average price of a home in Jersey over the last three months was reported to be around £453,000. Houses in Jersey are now selling […]

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Asking prices drop after agents fail to disclose issues

18 November, 2015

Sellers have been required to drop asking prices by an average of £7k in England and Wales when problems with noisy neighbours came to light – after their estate agents failed to notify buyers. Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading regulations stipulate that estate agents must report any negative matters which could affect a UK home […]

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Purplebricks Value to Raise to £250m with New Stock Market Listing

13 November, 2015

Purplebricks, the online estate agency, has informed shareholders that it plans to list itself on the London Stock Exchange as early as next month. Sky News have discovered that Purplebricks have appointed Zeus Capital, an investment bank, to help them achieve this. Initial rumours taken from City institutions suggest there is a significant demand for […]

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Housing sales slump blamed on stamp duty changes

11 November, 2015

Following changes to stamp duty on house purchases, implemented by Chancellor George Osborne, critics have said that high-value sales have slowed and other sales have not been boosted. According to Land Registry figures, the number of properties sold to private UK property buyers in the seven months between December 2014 – when the changes were […]

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Longer Travelling Times Blamed On Inflated House Prices

9 November, 2015

An analysis of unpublished data from the Office for National Statistics has shown that there has been an increase in the number of people travelling more then 2 hours to their jobs. The report showed that the number of people travelling more then two hours has risen from 1.7 million in 2004 to a whopping […]

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Business Boom Will Fuel Surge In House Prices

5 November, 2015

As the UK economy starts to stabilise unemployment will fall and wages will start to see an increase over the next five years. The result of this will inevitably be that house prices will increase and a flurry of activity in home sales should occur. A new study on house price movement across the UK […]

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Will London be inside a property bubble by 2017?

4 November, 2015

Some experts have warned that London is in danger of being enveloped by a housing ‘bubble’ by 2017 – meaning that the cost of buying or renting will be unaffordable for people who work there. While high property prices seem positive, they can often cause economic problems if they get out of control. For example, […]

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Nearly a million at risk from mortgage repayments timebomb

27 October, 2015

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners who opted for interest-only mortgages are facing a struggle to pay off what they owe before the loan term runs out, according to charity Citizens Advice. Approximately 934,000 people may have to sell their homes to avoid repossession by the bank if they are unable to afford repayments – and […]

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Rightmove listings error stops houses for sale being seen

20 October, 2015

Leading property search website Rightmove has transformed the way that people find and research homes for sale in recent times – but when mistakes are made, it can put sellers at a disadvantage, as homeowners in Bolton recently discovered. An automatic boundary on the website mistakenly classed several areas of the town of Blackrod as […]

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Lord Sugar recommends investing in property to make money

If you’re seeking a fresh start, a quick sale of your existing troublesome home could give you the cash to invest in something really worthwhile – like property with the potential to make money. And, according to Lord Sugar, sensible property development can be the key to long-term wealth. With popular television show The Apprentice […]

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Do you live in a property hotspot? The future top ten is revealed

30 September, 2015

Experts have revealed the ten most likely locations in the UK to be property hotspots over the next decade, with a multitude of benefits for buyers – but what about sellers? Financial publication This Is Money has consulted online estate agent HouseSimple, which has listed the following in its set-to-boom locations: Manchester (central), Rotherham in […]

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Mixed fortunes for property owners as prices soar

22 September, 2015

House prices are breaking new records in affluent areas, but while this is good news for those with perfect properties, many sellers are facing challenges – especially with first-time buyers unable to afford high costs of purchase and maintenance.

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UK first-time buyers not alone in struggle to afford homes

A global survey has revealed that house prices are making the market difficult for first-time home buyers in numerous nations, according to 79% of European respondents. The ING International Survey On Homes And Mortgages gathered responses from almost 15,000 people in 15 different countries, discovering that four out of every five Europeans feel it is […]

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Jeremy Corbyn’s victory: What does it mean for the housing market?

15 September, 2015

Business groups have expressed mixed reactions to Jeremy Corbyn’s election as the new leader of the Labour Party, with the Right to Buy scheme and infrastructure investment among topics discussed.  

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Land Registry confirms property sales are down

22 September, 2015

Figures from the Land Registry have shown that housing sales have fallen by 15% compared with the same period from 2014, matching the trend recently reported by HMRC. Cash sales, property auctions and mortgage-based purchases are included in the statistics, which were recorded in May this year. A total of 65,619 transactions took place, representing […]

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Summer property sales fell by 4.4%, says HMRC

7 September, 2015

The housing market was tougher for sellers in July, according to a seasonal estimate by government body HMRC, after a spike in June following the general election. Despite demand from buyers, changes to stamp duty at the end of 2014 created a sticking point, particularly in London – with house purchases during 2015 slowing at […]

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New Property Tax Sends Scottish House Prices Down

23 July, 2015

Property prices in Scotland have started falling after a new tax was introduced that changes the way buyers pay duty when they buy houses. Figures released this week by the Edinburgh Solicitors’ Property Centre indicate that the average price of property in East Central Scotland fell by 0.5% between April and June 2015, compared to […]

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I Don’t Believe it! Reverse Trend in House Prices: Rise in the North-East and Fall in London

22 July, 2015

The property portal, Rightmove has reported that there have been a sharp decrease in the number of properties being put up for sale, especially in the first-time buyer sector. According to Rightmove, house prices are rapidly rising in the North East of England and falling in the London borough Kensington and Chelsea. The average asking […]

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London Property for Sale with Local Drug Dealers Living Nearby

14 July, 2015

A decent sized lounge, stunning garden and…handy local drug dealers just around the corner When you are browsing property to either buy or rent, what sort of features do you look for in the local area? Good schools? Decent transport links? Reliable drug dealers nearby? This may seem like something of a bad joke, thought […]

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Buy-to-let could pose a threat to the UK economy

13 July, 2015

  As reported in the Daily Telegraph, the UK’s incredibly successful buy-to-let housing market could pose a real threat to financial stability, the Bank of England has warned. The Bank’s biannual Financial Stability Report warned that borrowers are finding it easier to obtain credit, and have potentially been putting themselves and the economy at risk […]

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How will the recent changes to inheritance tax affect the housing market?

10 July, 2015

George Osborne has officially announced that the Government will scrap inheritance tax on homes worth more than £500,000 for those living alone and up to £1m for married couples. Osborne will raise the inheritance tax threshold from January 2017 to £500,000 from £325,000. According to the Daily Telegraph, this essentially means that a married couple […]

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Is the budget about to drive up the cost of renting in the UK?

9 July, 2015

Landlord’s could see their profits reduced as the Chancellor targets the buy-to-let market As reported in the Daily Telegraph, landlords across the UK are set to see their profits decrease after George Osbourne announced in this week’s budget that he is reducing tax relief on privately rented homes, in an attempt to stop the economic […]

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Prime Property Sales in Edinburgh hit by new land & buildings tax in Scotland

8 July, 2015

It is being reported on Property Wire that prime property prices in Edinburgh rose by only 0.4% between the months of April and June, which is the lowest quarterly price growth in two years. On an annual basis prices have risen by 3.4% which is down from the recent 5.7% high in June last year, […]

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The Queen is getting £250,000 a year in rent payments

3 July, 2015

Last week we revealed the extent of the Queen’s annual income from her property portfolio and now it is being reported that she is renting out flats in St James’ Palace for the first time in history. As reported in the Daily Mail, the British monarchy has decided to rent out two luxury apartments in […]

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UK Commercial Property Sales Sky Rocket

1 July, 2015

If you are looking to sell commercial property in the UK then there is finally a glimmer of light after a prolonged market slump, as reported on Propertywire. According to data released by HMRC, the number of commercial property transactions has increased by up to 24% from a low of 92,900 in 2008/2009, but it […]

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House Prices Rise in Southern England

30 June, 2015

House prices in the UK have increased by an average of £11,500 over the last 12 months to May 2015 with seven cities in southern England significantly outperforming this level. As reported in Property Wire, the average house in a UK city now costs £189,400 with London more than doubling this figure at £425,700, according […]

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Prime Property Market in London Begins to Slow Down

29 June, 2015

The demand for high-end properties in London has slowed down significantly as wealthy buyers balk at steep property prices and higher stamp duty rates for the most expensive homes. According to the Financial Times, the property market in London remains subdued despite the Conservative’s surprise victory in last month’s General Election, which was expected to […]

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Should we be looking towards Berlin to solve the potential UK rental crisis?

26 June, 2015

  It has recently emerged that UK residents pay the highest level of rent in Europe; parting with 40% of their monthly wages to their landlords. This is a sharp contrast to Germany where renters spend only 25% of their wages to have a roof over their heads. The figures should not be a surprise […]

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The Royals are Raking it in!

25 June, 2015

The Queen is set to receive a record income this year after Britain’s booming property market further increased profits at the Crown Estate, the property company owned by the monarch. The extensive estate, an independent commercial business created by an act of parliament, hands all of its earnings over to the Treasury, which then passes […]

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Son or Daughter Knows Best

A recent Halifax Generation Rent Report has found a significant difference in opinions regarding the first-time buyer market between prospective first-time-buyers and their parents. As it currently stands 12% of parents believe it is ‘virtually impossible for first-time buyers to obtain a mortgage’. While 21% of prospective first-time buyers believe this to be the case. […]

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UK tenants pay the most rent in Europe

The National Housing Federation has claimed that those renting in Britain pay a higher proportion of their wages towards rental costs compared to any other country in Europe. According to research conducted by the National Housing Federation, private tenants in the UK are paying higher levels of rent and spending a huge chunk of their […]

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Public Spending Watchdog Questions Government Housing Claims

24 June, 2015

   The National Audit Office has called into question the Government’s claims that they had met their target and sold land for over 109, 000 new homes in the build up to the General Election. Claims by ministers that the government has sold off public land to developers for more than 100,000 starter homes and […]

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Increased Demand for First Homes & Better Rates Make that Second Step Easier

22 June, 2015

There could finally be signs of good news, according to This is Money, the increased demand for first homes is making it easier for those who are looking to get onto that second step on the property ladder. The Lloyds Banking Group began recording the perils of going from a first home, usually a one […]

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Young Professionals Flock to the South Coast

The sunny south coast of Britain is pulling in young professionals looking to buy property, new research has claimed. The sunny seaside town of Hove is now the country’s leading property hotspot for 25-44 year olds looking to buy houses, according to Property Wire. It is also claimed that neighbouring Brighton is now the fifth […]

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Nice work if you can get it: Stamp Duty revenue soars by an extra £1.5 billion

16 June, 2015

Stamp duty revenue generated in England and Wales increased by an incredible £7.7 billion in the year to March – easily beating the 6.2 billion which was raised at the peak of the last housing boom in March 2008. In stark contrast, in the 12 months to March 1999, less than £1 billion was raised. […]

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Now could be the perfect time to sell your home

15 June, 2015

It appears that the housing market has responded to last month’s surprise in the General Election. The Conservative’s victory appears to have stabilised the market. It is not all good news though with the need for more new-build homes becoming more and more pressing. According to Rightmove, house prices have increased by an average of […]

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Scottish Property Market Bounces Back with Increase in Sales of Over £1M

10 June, 2015

The Scottish housing market is finally showing signs of bouncing back from the recession with the sale of homes worth over £1M rising by 70% in ten years.   The figures, released by the Registers of Scotland, also show that despite the recession in 2008, the final quarter of 2014-2015 saw the highest average house […]

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Yorkshire is the cream of the crop

8 June, 2015

Yorkshire has taken London’s place as the nation’s property hotspot as supply and demand becomes an issue. The Yorkshire property market has taken London & the South East’s place at the top of the national property table. The latest figures released by the Land Registry, highlight the fact that the county’s house increases increased by […]

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Cash Buyers at Record High

3 June, 2015

According to Nationwide nearly four out of ten houses were sold without a mortgage in the first quarter of this year. It is believed that there is something of a record high of those looking to sell houses for cash. Nationwide, the country’s second-biggest mortgage provider, have claimed that 38% of properties were sold to […]

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Are we Currently Floating Along in a Property Bubble?

26 May, 2015

The UK property market is continuing to grow in strength and is currently experiencing something of a boom, but how much longer can it last? It is a well-known fact that the UK property sector has a particular likeness to bubbles, with the market growing and growing before getting overheated and bursting. At the moment […]

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The Perfect Time to Sell your Home? UK House Prices are on the Rise

20 May, 2015

If you are a UK homeowner looking for someone to buy your house then now could be the perfect time to sell your home. According to figures released by the Office of National Statistics, house prices rose across the whole of the UK by a huge 9.6% in the year to March 2015, up from […]

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Bank of Mum and Dad in Crisis

2 October, 2014

A report, released by the charity Shelter, claims that more than six out of ten parents are unable to contribute towards a deposit that would allow their children to get on the property ladder. The report also shows that, of those parents who are able to offer their children a lump sum from the Bank of Mum and Dad, […]

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Are Homeowners in Scotland Betting the House on Scottish Independence?

16 September, 2014

Panic stations as more and more economists warn of financial meltdown and a housing market crash in the event of Scottish independence. The date of the referendum on Scottish independence has been known for some time. However, until very recently, unless you were distinctly interested in politics you would be forgiven for not having known, […]

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37% of Working Parents Ration Food to Meet Housing Costs

28 August, 2014

A new report shows that over a third of all working parents in the UK are scrimping on food costs in order to be able to afford spiralling housing costs and rising bills. A report issued by Shelter today shows that working parents are being further squeezed by rising housing costs and bills while wages […]

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House Prices Drop at Record Rate

18 August, 2014

A new report shows that house prices have dropped at their fastest rate in at least a decade as the weather warms and the market cools. According to Rightmove national average house prices fell by 2.9% in the month to August. While the market generally slows down during the summer months, these latest figures represent […]

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Is Now the Right Time to Sell Property?

28 August, 2014

A new report shows that the gap between supply and demand in the housing market is beginning to close. Is now the right time to sell property? According to the latest National Mortgage Market Monitor released by the estate agents Haart we are beginning to enter a buyers market, with less people looking to buy houses, […]

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House Values Rise Again – But Only Just

31 July, 2014

A New report shows that, while house values have increased for the fifteenth month in a row, the rate of growth slowed dramatically in July, adding weight to the growing consensus that the housing market is cooling. A report released by Halifax today shows that average UK house values rose by just 0.1% in July. […]

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House Prices Flatline as Market Begins to Cool

29 July, 2014

House Prices Flatline as Land Registry figures show prices remained unchanged in June, offering more evidence that the market may be beginning to slow down There was no change in average national house prices in June compared to May, according to the latest Land Registry statistics released yesterday. The annual increase in national house price […]

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House Buyer Confidence Lowest in Years

28 July, 2014

House buyer confidence hit by high house prices and fears of interest rate rises A report released by Halifax today says most house buyers believe this is the worst time to buy a house in at least 3 years. The series only began in April 2011 so, according to this particular report, this is in […]

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Wary House Buyers Slow Price Appreciation

25 July, 2014

House price growth slows as potential house buyers are put off by over inflated prices. A new report issued by Hometrack shows that house price appreciation has slowed to its lowest level since February 2013. House price inflation rose by just 0.1% between June and July, descending from the already low rate of 0.3% between May […]

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Interest Rates and Household Debt

24 July, 2014

The National Obsession That Could Become A National Disaster A new report claims millions will be plunged into household debt peril by rising interest rates. Is the Bank of England being flippant with people’s futures? Britain is, famously, a nation of homeowners. Historical evidence has shown that we are obsessed with owning the house in […]

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House Price Inflation Reached 10.5% in May

15 July, 2014

ONS figures show highest level of national house price appreciation in four years. Recent indications that the housing market is beginning to cool may be nothing more than a false dawn, according to the Office for National Statistics. Figures released by the ONS today show that national house price inflation went up by 0.6% in […]

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Soaring House Prices Tempt Landlords to Evict More Tenants With No Rent Arrears

14 July, 2014

According to Citizens Advice Bureaux, ever increasing house prices are causing more and more landlords to seek greater income gains by evicting their current tenants, even those that represent ‘model renters’. The CAB report that a rising number of tenants who are fully up-to-date on their rent and who have had no complaints lodged against […]

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House Prices and Risky Mortgages Up, But Demand is Beginning to Fall

10 July, 2014

The number of house buyers taking out high loan to value (LTV) mortgages hit a post-crisis peak last month according to figures released by e.surv, the largest chartered surveyor in the country. The amount of borrowers taking out mortgages with a deposit equivalent to 15% or less than the value of their property reached 10,898 last […]

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Property Price Ambiguity is the Order of the Day

9 July, 2014

There is something of a mixed bag in terms of reporting on house prices today. Three separate figures have been released by Halifax and, while they all constitute part of the same overall report, each tells a slightly different story. The first criterion that has drawn a  significant amount of attention is the monthly house […]

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House Prices Set to Rise 35% by 2020

In its latest economic outlook PwC, one of the Big Four accounting firms, has predicted that national house prices will rise by 35% over the next six years and that London house price will continue to grow exponentially, easily surpassing the half million pound mark this year. According to PwC house prices will rise by 8% […]

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House Prices and Interest Rates Hit The Headlines Again

4 July, 2014

House prices and interest rates are in the news once more. Once again, house prices and interest rates are the main points of discussion in financial circles this week and, as usual, there seems to be precious little in terms of consensus amongst analysts in relation to these two subjects. House Prices A recently released […]

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The Cost of Interest Rate Rises

16 June, 2014

During his annual Mansion House speech last week the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney dropped heavy and thinly disguised hints that interest rates could be set to rise this year. Most market commentators, taking their lead from budget projections put forward by the central Bank, predicted rates would begin to rise early next […]

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Economic Conundrum…Boom, Bust Or Both? Does Anyone Have Any Answers?

13 June, 2014

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) spoke out yesterday regarding their fears of another housing crash and the impact this would have on the economy. However, these warnings came on the same day that national indicators apparently signalled an imminent cooling in the UK housing market. The deputy managing director of the IMF, Min Zhu, said […]

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Help to Buy Results Are In

9 June, 2014

The results of the first extremely detailed and comprehensive statistical study of the government’s Help to Buy scheme were released last week. The study investigated every area of both the market and the country connected to the Chancellor’s flagship housing initiative. Help to Buy has received mixed reviews since it was launched ahead of schedule in […]

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House Crowding On The Rise

10 June, 2014

According to figures recently released by the Office for National Statistics there has been a 25% increase in the number of households into which six or more people are crammed. The figures, which apply to the ten years between the last two censuses (i.e. 2001 – 2011), show that the number of severely overcrowded households […]

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Pressure on the Chancellor Increases Amidst Growing Fears of Housing Bubble

6 June, 2014

Average national house prices rose by 3.9% in May, the highest monthly increase since 2002, stoking the fire that is currently being lit under Chancellor George Osborne in an attempt to force him to tackle the threat the burgeoning housing bubble poses to the economy. The hike in house price inflation means the average cost […]

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1 in 10 Households May Lose Their Home When Interest Rates Rise

4 June, 2014

A report issued by the Resolution Foundation last month has claimed that 1 in 10 mortgagors will be at risk of being unable to afford their repayments, and may lose their home when interest rates begin to rise. The independent think tank claims that 770,000 households fall into both high risk categories in danger of being […]

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Europe Calls on UK Government to Build More Homes, Raise Council Tax on Expensive Houses & Reign in Help to Buy

3 June, 2014

As part of its annual scheme of providing economic recommendations to member states, the Commission of the European Union has advised the UK coalition government to review and subsequently revalue several council tax bands. The commission described the UK’s council tax system as regressive. Commissioners from what is essentially the executive body of Europe advised that: […]

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Changes to Mortgage Application Restrictions Set to Dampen Property Market

27 May, 2014

Tough new rules are set to be introduced to mortgage lenders, which will make it even harder for first-time buyers to obtain a mortgage. The rules are designed to prevent lenders from giving mortgages to customers who can’t afford them and will require them to take into consideration all of their customers spending commitments, including […]

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School Admissions Crisis: Parents Consider Moving After Missing Out On Primary School Places

23 May, 2014

Many parents have been left distraught after failing to secure a place for their child in their first-choice primary school. In fact, 40% of children missed out on their first choice of school, while a number of children did not even get one of their 6 choices and parents were left facing a school run to […]

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Help To Buy

2 June, 2014

There is a lot of coverage in the media about the government’s Help To Buy schemes, but it can be confusing as to what the schemes are currently available, what they entail and who is actually eligible. Here is our quick guide to Help To Buy! Help To Buy Mortgage Guarantee Scheme The government is backing […]

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Budget 2014 – How will it affect the property market?

  This week the chancellor has announced the budget. It can be very confusing to decipher the budget and what it actually means, however there are a number of changes that are likely to boost the UK property market. The government has announced that in 2015-16 the annual tax-free allowance will increase to £10,500, meaning […]

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UK House Prices Higher than Ever

According to a recent survey from the Office of National Statistics, UK house prices have hit their highest level since the house price index was first calculated in 1968. The survey found that the index stood at 185.8 in August of this year, rising from the previous peak of 185.5 when the index was last […]

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Help To Buy Lenders May Not Offer The Best Rates For Low-Deposit Mortgages

23 May, 2014

The government’s Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme allows lenders to offer higher loan-value loans by guaranteeing up to £12 billion of lending. Since its early introduction in October last year, more than 6,000 applicants have applied for mortgages through Help to Buy participating banks. However, it may be possible for buyers to secure a better […]

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Help to Buy Government Backed Mortgages

2 June, 2014

The Government’s flagship Help to Buy Scheme is well underway, but is it really helping the people who need it the most? New research from the Resolution Foundation thinktank shows that low to middle-income families, across two thirds of the country, will not be able to benefit from the Help to Buy mortgage scheme as […]

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Royal Mail IPO Boosts UK Economy

Royal Mail shares have rocketed by more than 38% at the start of conditional dealing on the stock exchange. Due to the over-subscription of the sale of Royal Mail shares, the government has limited the number of shares that individuals could purchase to £750, in favour of small investors. Those who applied for more than […]

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House Prices Are On The Rise, But Is This Good News For Everyone?

The UK housing market finally seems to be picking up after its standstill following the banking crisis; however market analysts fear another property bubble is developing and when it bursts it could mean another recession for the UK. The National Office for Statistics’ June House Price Index (HPI) has been hailed as a sign that the economy […]

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‘Quick house sale’ firms face action by OFT

27 May, 2014

The Office of Fair Trading has announced that it will be investigating three ‘quick house sale’ companies that are allegedly using unfair practices that are leaving consumers thousands of pounds out of pocket. National Homebuyers can confirm that they are not one of the companies being investigated and enthusiastically welcome closer scrutiny for the industry. […]

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The Bank of England signals the end of quantitative easing, causing fears of another crash

2 June, 2014

The government’s policy of quantitative easing (QE) over the last 5 years has had a positive influence on the country’s economy and helped the recovery of the UK property market. However, there are serious concerns from market analysts that the withdrawal of QE measures will cause another crash in the global economy. The US Federal […]

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Possibly The UK’s Most Expensive House Ever Sold

27 May, 2014

It has recently been revealed that a London home, with views of St James Park, has been put on the market for a record breaking £250million; the Grade I listed property in Carlton House Terrace is set to smash UK records, becoming the most expensive house ever sold, if it achieves its asking price. The property has […]

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Homebuy Direct – All There Is To Know

HomeBuy Direct Scheme UK – How does it work? What is the HomeBuy Direct Scheme? HomeBuy Direct is part of the HomeBuy UK Government initiative to help people who cannot afford to buy a home. There are various HomeBuy schemes, but the HomeBuy Direct scheme is an equity loan which helps people priced out of […]

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The cost of a London property is 14 times average earnings

30 November, 2016

Hometrack, the property consultancy have recently published a survey that reveals that the average cost of a home in London is more than 14 times average earnings. In fact, the figures show that London house prices have risen 86% since 2009. The average house price in London is now £482,800 and the average annual wage […]

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A growing exodus: Younger generations flee the capital

27 September, 2016

As other towns and cities across the UK begin to look more enticing, thanks to lower living costs, younger Londoners are starting to abandon the capital in favour of a better quality of life. No-one has ever doubted the financial clout that London exudes – and for those who own property and work there, the […]

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Help-to-Buy ISAs only helping the ‘lucky few’, says charity

21 June, 2016

With increasing prices, the ISA scheme introduced by the government is failing to cover a vast amount of starter homes, due to a lack of availability and first-time buyers’ inability to raise necessary funds. When the UK government introduced their Help-to-Buy ISA in 2015, the aim was to ensure that first-time buyers would benefit from […]

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